Organize and prioritize your most valuable website visitors

Use Segments and Live Streams to cut through noisy website traffic and determine which visitors get the red carpet treatment.

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Qualified is the centralized command center for your website

Marketers work hard to drive traffic to your website; but with so many visitors, it can be tricky knowing where to focus. Qualified brings all your website traffic into a single, orderly view so you can monitor your most important buyers with ease.

Assign visitors to predefined groups based on your unique buying criteria

When visitors arrive on your site, Qualified uses every known data point to instantly categorize them into a buyer segment—like target accounts, industry, or open Opportunities. Grouping visitors with similar characteristics keeps your web traffic organized and sales reps focused.

Qualified makes it easy for sales reps to visualize who is on the site and qualify them before they even start a conversation.

Beth Makosey
Web Marketing Director


Easily visualize website traffic to make sense of the noise

Loads of website visitors is a good problem to have, but it can get chaotic. Arrange visitors into streams based on their assigned segment to keep website traffic tidy and manageable. Streams are organized in priority order from left to right so you know exactly where to find your most valuable visitors the moment they arrive.

Big information, in one tiny card

Knowing who’s on your site is just one piece of the puzzle. Cascading down each stream, Visitor Cards are packed with important information—like name, company, location, or purchase intent—surfacing a detailed overview of each buyer so your sales reps can take quick action.

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