Using the Live Stream

In this article, learn how to use the live stream to chat with visitors and find helpful details to better inform your conversations.

After this article, you’ll be able to:

  1. Describe how to prioritize visitors on the Qualified live stream
  2. Explain how visitors are segmented and organized
  3. View experiences and routing while on the Live Stream
  4. Explain the three types of website activity and inbound chat


As you’re browsing this article, it’s likely that you have at least a few tabs open on your browser. Perhaps some are related to Qualified, others related to other tasks and maybe you even have a tab for the news or LinkedIn. We all visit dozens or hundreds of websites each day.

As a sales rep using Qualified, you’ll see these visitors coming to and leaving your website. But you don’t have time to chat with every visitor on your site. You’d be spending a lot of time with visitors who aren’t qualified to buy. Instead, you want to spend your limited time focused on those buyers that are most likely to convert.

Enter the Qualified Live Stream -- a Qualified Administrator will segment visitors based on what your business cares about: target accounts, open pipeline, paid advertising, target accounts or more. Each business has different live stream columns.

The Qualified Live Stream

But there’s one thing to know -- the newest visitors to your site will appear at the top and the most VIP visitors will appear on the left. When you’re looking at your screen, we often gravitate towards the top left and that’s also where you’ll want to start having conversations.

During implementation, your Qualified administrator may have used different colors to indicate which visitors are “hottest” or most urgent to chat with. We often recommend that cooler or cold segments are grey - this includes competitors, employees or job seekers. As a sales rep, these should be at the bottom of your priority list for pouncing.

Visitor Cards

When you’re looking at the Qualified Live Stream, you’ll want to understand some basic information about visitors so you can decide when it’s time to pounce.

The visitor card details are configurable by your Qualified administrator, but you can use the details to quickly understand your visitor. It can help you understand their website activity, digital body language, and helpful third party data.

In the image below, you’ll find the segment at the top, followed by the company name, page thumbnail, current URL and data from third-party systems. On the far right, you can see time on site and their activity status. In this case, Fastly is active on the site and has been here for one minute. They have 1200 employees and all data sources indicate that -- yes -- it’s Fastly. You’ll want all this information at your fingertips so you can have a high level of confidence when you write your pounce: “Hi Fastly team! It’s a real person here -- can I show you more about our product?”

A sample visitor card.

If you hover over the bullseye icon, you’ll see the specific experience this visitor is seeing, why they were routed to you and who else they have been routed to. This will also be helpful context before you dive in.

The bullseye icon is helpful for understanding the experience and routing applied to this visitor.

Website Activity

Visitors can be active, viewing another tab, or idle. You’ll see this information overlaid on the thumbnail of your site.

Prioritize active viewers; these are people who are actively moving their mouse, reading your content, and interested in learning more. The time to pounce is now! Use the gear icon in the top right to show and hide idle visitors; we recommend hiding idle visitors for maximum efficiency. 

And then, there’s inbound chat. You’ll always see these visitors in the top left - but with a timer. Walk, don’t run, when you see an inbound chat in your live stream! This buyer is ready to talk right now!

Your Qualified administrator built experiences to allow a certain amount of time for a rep to jump in before they are greeted with a bot message. Ask yourself - how long would you wait for a phone to ring before you hung up? 20 seconds might seem fast to you as a sales rep, but for a website visitor it may feel like an eternity!

The Live Stream is a Qualified Sales Representative’s best friend and can be a powerful tool in helping you meet and exceed your quota, quarter after quarter.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us using the Qualified app on this page or reach out to the Qualified technical support team.

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