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Qualified for Salesforce is the #1 live chat and chatbot platform for your business. Start now and you'll be generating more leads this month.


Your next customer is on your website

Transform your website into a selling machine. Know who is on your site, talk instantly to your hottest prospects, and maximize your chances of converting them into customers.

Conversational Marketing for Salesforce


Full visibility into all of your data from Salesforce

We'll automatically identify Salesforce leads and contacts and show you their complete profile. Everything your team needs for a relevant conversation.

Conversations lead to conversions

Leverage live chat and chatbots to create new leads and opportunities directly from Qualified.

Our Website just got supercharged with
+30% more leads.
- Elias Larkin, Zero Motorcycles
If you're doing Account-Based Marketing, this will take you to the next level.
- Ariel Kelman, CMO, AWS
A must-have in our sales toolkit. 70% more MQLs and 64% more meetings.
- Scott Holden, CMO, Thoughtspot
That's real value. More leads, quicker meetings, and more cash.
- Joe Leverson, Gamma

More than a chat transcript.
The full story of the conversation

Conversations are automatically saved to Salesforce along with a full visual recording of the timeline, chat transcript, and screen recording.  It’s like having a DVR for your sales meeting.

Track your direct impact on the most important metrics, pipeline and revenue

The #1 conversational marketing solution for companies that use Salesforce

I can't recommend this enough
Qualified has driven 50 opportunities, with a total of $1.3m in revenue. One rep has gone from being underperforming to being the top meeting booker and that’s 100% down to Qualified. They have gone from an average of 2 meetings booked per week, to 8 a week for the last 3 weeks!
Joe Leverson
Digital Marketing Director
A total game changer!
We’re using Qualified to increase conversions on our website. I knew I would love it from the moment I went to their website because I set a meeting to talk to their sales team via their bot in under 2 minutes. After purchasing, we were live within 2 weeks. The success team has been wonderful to work with and the onboarding could not have been any easier. 
Natasa Marinkovic
Business Development
What a great experience
Qualified is flexible and configurable for a variety of use cases including supporting our ABM efforts. Implementation is quick and easy and the team is very receptive to feedback. It’s a pleasure working with them and a great experience so far. I’m glad we didn’t choose Drift.
MJ Craig
Marketing Director

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A must-have in every trailblazer's toolkit.
- Dan Darcy, EVP, Salesforce