Piper the AI SDR named Top 10 AI Product in G2's State of Software Report
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Piper runs on autopilot to engage valuable buyers, book meetings, and generate pipeline around the clock. This is the world’s most capable AI SDR and is guaranteed to be at the top of your sales rep leaderboard.

Piper is on a mission to convert buyers into pipeline, 24x7

Piper does the heavy lifting so your revenue teams can focus their time elsewhere.  Piper will automatically identify your best buyers, engage in countless conversations simultaneously, speak any language,  book meetings, and hand off buyers to an available SDR—with zero human involvement.

Introducing Qualified AI 


Powered by Qualified AI and the Pipeline Cloud Platform, Qualified AI Chatbots are jam-packed with horsepower. Join our co-founders as they pull back the curtain on how Qualified Chatbots can accelerate pipeline for your business.

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The AI Chatbot Checklist

AI chatbots can grow and scale pipeline, but they aren’t created equal. If you’re considering a chatbot to drive more pipeline from your website, ask yourself: does my AI chatbot check these 10 boxes?

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Serve relevant  marketing offers to boost lead capture

With a deep understanding of each buyer, Piper will automatically surface relevant marketing offers based on your unique audience segments. This keeps buyers engaged and fills your pipeline funnel, instantly.

Book more meetings for your sales team

Day or night, qualified buyers are on your website. Don’t let them leave without getting a meeting on the books. Piper will schedule time with the right buyer and the right salesperson, increasing efficiency and ensuring pipeline is never left on the table.
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Route buyers for a live conversation when their interest is piqued

Piper is perfect for answering questions and moving visitors through the buying journey. When the conversation becomes more nuanced, Piper will seamlessly transfer buyers to their dedicated SDR. It’s the effortless and efficient experience modern buyers crave.

Keep Piper focused on what matters most: pipeline

Configure Piper to strategically steer each conversation in a way that drives pipeline. Piper can understand conversational context then work toward  predefined goals based on your unique qualification criteria. With goals, Piper stays focused and motivated.

Piper is an amazing example of how we create both meaningful and personalized buyer journeys. With 24x7 engagement, we never miss a lead. It’s the future of pipeline generation.

Nolan Mikowski
Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

Piper is at the top of our leaderboard alongside our best SDRs, increasing both leads and meetings booked by 2x. She does all the heavy lifting so our team can focus on other high value activities. With Piper, we’ve been able to increase pipeline despite a smaller headcount. She’s incredible!

Joe Leverson
Group Head of Marketing Operations
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Whether she’s working alongside your SDRs or flying solo, Piper will supercharge pipeline 24x7.


Piper operates better than your best SDR

Piper answers each visitor’s question in a way that is truly intelligent. To do this, Qualified AI ingests resources — like case studies, pricing, or competitive positioning — then references this data along with context, a prompt, a persona, and Large Language Models (LLM). As it’s refined with feedback, the output becomes increasingly smarter and more effective over time, just like your sales team.
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Build a custom chatbot in minutes, no code required

Prefer a more hands-on approach to chatbots? No problem. Our rules-based chatbots are built with advanced decision trees that engage visitors, capture leads, and drive more pipeline — all while delivering a curated and controlled buyer experience.

Powered by the Qualified Platform

Jam-packed with AI horsepower, the Qualified Platform is what fuels the entire Qualified product suite. There’s nothing else like it.

Qualified Platform

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