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The Qualified Implementation Process™

From kickoff to go-live, you’ll have a dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant and a dedicated support representative who will manage the entire project, build all your experiences, and perform all implementation services you need!

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Learn best practices from the Qualified team. From live chat strategies to optimizing Qualified, we've got you covered.

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Sales Reps

In this guide, learn how sales reps can set up their accounts and get started with Qualified.

Qualified Admins

In this guide, learn all about experiences, branching, and some best practices from the Qualified Success team!

Sales Reps

In this guide, learn how to "pounce", or outbound chat on VIP visitors arriving on your website.

Sales Reps

In this guide, learn about the two actions that sales reps take in Qualified Conversations: Inbound Chat and Pouncing.

Qualified Admins

In this guide, learn about best practice segments and live streams to create as part of implementing Qualified Conversations.

Sales Reps

In this guide, learn how to tackle inbound chats, transition to a meeting and handle tough conversations.

Qualified University Certifications

Got 30 minutes? Earn a certification, invest in your career, and build your pipeline generation skills with Qualified.

The Top 10 Plays to Generate More Pipeline

Here are 10 plays to put into practice so you can start driving more pipeline than ever before.
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Top 20 Strategies

Not sure where to start? Browse 20 live chat and chatbot strategies and learn how to implement them in Qualified today!

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