QUALIFIED Conversations / Routing & Alerts

Dynamic routing and alerts custom-built for your business

Connect VIP buyers with the right sales rep, at the right time, and prompt immediate action to deliver an unforgettable buying experience.

Custom Routing

Routing rules configured to meet your business needs

You name it and we’ll build it. No matter the complexity, we’ll customize dynamic routing rules based on your unique criteria—like Salesforce owner, location, language, outbound sequence, or ABM tier—to define which sales reps should proactively engage which visitors.

Default Routing

Ensure no conversation is left ignored

We call this “the catchall.” If a visitor requests a chat but does not match any custom routing criteria, a default routing rule is triggered. This ensures sales reps in the queue can quickly pick up the conversation and start chatting; capturing pipeline that may otherwise go unnoticed.

One of the great things about Qualified is that it helps identify our diamond accounts and alerts our sales executives when those accounts are on our website. Qualified tells them who they are and what they should be talking about based on the rich history we have in Salesforce through our connected website.

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Alerts & Notifications

Instantly alert your sales reps to take quick action when it counts

Send real-time notifications across the channels where your sales reps spend their day—like email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Qualified Mobile—so they never miss the chance to connect with valuable buyers.

Experience Builder

The engine that powers your conversational program

With thousands of website visitors on your site, offering a high-touch, human-centric experience is no easy feat. It requires intricate routing logic to ensure each buyer is welcomed with the right greeting and then passed to their dedicated sales rep; every exchange is completely unique. The Qualified Experience Builder is the engine that ensures each visitor receives the perfect experience.

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See Routing and Alerts in action

See how Qualified can help you have more sales conversations and grow pipeline.
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Qualified Conversations

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Qualified Conversations is packed with features designed to help your sales and marketing teams deliver a white-glove buying experience.