$2B Tech Unicorn ThoughtSpot Increased Sales Conversations by 10X with Conversational Marketing

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

$2B Tech Unicorn ThoughtSpot Increased Sales Conversations by 10X with Conversational Marketing

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ThoughtSpot is a search & AI-driven analytics platform that makes analyzing company data as easy as using your favorite app.
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ThoughtSpot uses Qualified to engage with their most important prospects right on their corporate website, generating more leads and more opportunities.

Search & AI-driven analytics company ThoughtSpot has been called a Silicon Valley unicorn, a title given to an elite group of startups valued at over $1B. They serve some of the world’s biggest brands, including Chevron, Petco, and De Beers. Given their large enterprise ABM strategy and big deal sizes, they need to focus their sales attention on the right buyers.

ThoughtSpot was excited about opening up conversational marketing as a new pipeline channel for their sales team. They needed to build a program that was scalable, efficient, and well-integrated with their existing technology stack, including Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Pardot. 

Here’s how ThoughtSpot uses Qualified’s conversational marketing solution to connect with their hottest prospects and convert more leads.

When qualified prospects land on ThoughtSpot's website, a magic door opens for real-time sales conversations

The Challenge

Before Qualified, ThoughtSpot used a chat solution to engage in sales conversations with website visitors. After they struggled to setup the tool, they encountered some additional speed bumps.

The tool quickly became “noisy”. Their inside sales team was chatting with everyone who visited the website and therefore had low conversion rates. There was no way to prioritize conversations with website visitors who displayed intent to buy. Sales reps quickly dismissed the tool and retreated to their old way of selling. 

Additionally, conversation data was siloed from their CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, making it impossible to track conversations through to leads, opportunities, and pipeline.

Thoughtspot CMO Scott Holden on Qualified's Conversational Marketing Solution

The Solution

ThoughtSpot selected Qualified as a new conversational marketing solution because of Qualified’s ability to identify their hottest prospects, strong Salesforce integration and consultative onboarding approach. Before diving into the application, ThoughtSpot outlined their program goals:

  • Provide an exceptional sales experience when top-tier, diamond accounts land on the website
  • Uncover new selling opportunities by connecting with website visitors who display buying intent but haven’t actually filled out a form 
  • Speed up the sales cycle for qualified visitors who did submit a form

Throughout the entire program, they had to deliver ThoughtSpot’s brand promise of a seamless website experience. 

Andrea Antonissen, Sales Development Lead, on Qualified's Conversational Marketing Solution

The Use Case

ThoughtSpot first identified the subset of website visitors that they consider “qualified”, or sales-ready. This is the group of visitors they prioritize for real-time sales conversations:

  • Visitors who engage with diamond account campaigns, powered by Salesforce Pardot
  • Visitors exploring webpages that convert well, like their product and pricing pages
  • Visitors who submitted forms and match a specific job title criteria

Once their qualification rules were outlined and their experiences were built, the ThoughtSpot team was off to the races. 

With Qualified, the inside sales team watches LiveView like a hawk—a feature that gives sales reps a view into exactly how visitors are browsing their site. When the moment is right, sales reps can engage with website visitors using a full suite of meeting tools, including chat, screen-share, and voice-calls. 

Sales reps see exactly how website visitors are engaging with the site, shaping contextual sales conversations

Because Qualified is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Pardot, sales reps are given a full view of all Pardot prospect data, fueling high-quality, contextual sales conversations. They can create leads and opportunities in Salesforce with one click, and move on to the next qualified visitor.

The Result

Since implementing Qualified, the ThoughtSpot team has increased online sales conversations by 10X—with the right prospects at the right time—helping them convert more leads and more opportunities. Qualified has given them a fast path to their most qualified prospects and significantly moved the needle on pipeline. The marketing team has confidence that their hard-earned website visitors are receiving a white-gloved sales experience and the sales team is crushing their numbers. It’s a win-win.

ThoughtSpot Sales Development Rep Haley Romstad on Qualified's Conversational Marketing solution

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