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Conversational ABM

Know when your target accounts are on the site and engage them in real-time sales conversations to grow pipeline and revenue.
What is abm?

ABM is proven to drive more revenue for your business

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, focuses your revenue teams on target accounts that meet your ideal customer profile. Create personalized campaigns that resonate with your target accounts to drive meaningful engagement and more pipeline for your sellers.


of marketers say ABM outperforms other marketing activities


increase in deal size as a result of ABM investments


of marketers report using ABM in 2021, up 15% from 2020

Engage and convert top accounts, right from your site

You spend time and money getting target accounts to your site. Once they arrive, catch them in that magic moment when their interest is most piqued. With Salesforce at the core, Qualified alerts your sales reps when a target account arrives on the site so they can instantly engage and move deals forward.

Over 20% of our pipeline has a real time conversation through Qualified. To top that, 30% of our closed business has a real time conversation through Qualified. It's unbelievable!

Scott Holden
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Adecco has generated $57M in pipeline, $24M in revenue, and achieved 46,000% ROI with the Pipeline Cloud.

Melissa Robinson Phillips
Head of Marketing
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With Qualified, we have clear visibility into site traffic and browsing activity so reps can have meaningful conversations with buyers. As a result, we've generated $2.8M in pipeline!

Lisa Garvey
VP of Marketing

Veritone drove 3x ROI in the first five months and $2M+ in pipeline with the Pipeline Cloud.

Scott Leatherman
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See how Qualified Conversational ABM can drive more pipeline from your target accounts.

How it Works

Qualified Conversational ABM in five simple steps

Conversational ABM can get complicated, but Qualified breaks it down into five simple steps; making it easy to implement and execute. We do all the heavy lifting so your revenue teams start seeing results almost instantly.
Step 01

Know when target accounts are on your site

Qualified is built on Salesforce so you know exactly which target accounts arrive on the site and when. Easily connect marketing automation, sales engagement, and ABM data for a 360-degree view of each visitor.
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Intelligently route target accounts to the right sales reps

Route conversations to the dedicated sales rep then sound the alarm across channels—like email, Slack, and Qualified Mobile—so sellers never miss the chance to connect with their most coveted accounts.
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Meet target accounts in real time with the right message

This is the magic moment. Roll out the red carpet and give your target accounts the VIP treatment by referencing their name and company, past conversations, and content they’ve browsed. When the time’s right, transition to a voice-call or book a meeting to continue the conversation later.
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Never miss the chance to meet target accounts with chatbots

No matter the time or day, it’s important to engage target accounts when they arrive on your site. Enter chatbots. Use custom chatbots to greet visitors, book meetings, and turn target accounts into pipeline around the clock.
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Measure conversational ABM impact, right inside Salesforce

Salesforce is the source of truth for sales and marketing. Build custom reports and dashboards to understand how conversational ABM has influenced pipeline and revenue with target accounts.
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Take conversational ABM to the next level with Qualified Signals

Signals is account-based sales intelligence that focuses your sellers on target accounts with high buying intent; maximizing pipeline, more efficiently.
Conversational ABM Resources

Becoming a conversational ABM expert has never been easier


Conversational ABM Playbook

Supercharge your ABM program with six key strategies to engage your target accounts and convert them into pipeline.
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Dremio increased MQLs by 100% with Qualified

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