Dremio, 2021's hottest Silicon Valley-born unicorn, drives pipeline and unlocks productivity with Qualified.

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Dremio is a next-generation data lake engine that sits directly on cloud data lake storage. A unicorn-status darling in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Dremio has 300 employees and sees massive web traffic month over month.
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Dremio prospects more efficiently, nurtures existing accounts better, moves sales cycles forward, and ultimately closes more deals with Qualified.

Dremio is a next-generation data lake engine that powers high-performing BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on data lake storage. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Dremio has 300 employees and sees massive web traffic month over month.

The Dremio website is the primary tool for lead generation, but they needed it to work smarter. With a massive influx of traffic, Dremio wanted to understand who was visiting the site, when, and why.

Learn how Dremio used Qualified to focus selling teams on VIP website visitors to drive pipeline and close more business.

The Challenge

Dremio experienced explosive growth to close out 2020 and launch into 2021. Website traffic was at an all-time high. Prospects, customers, and competitors were coming to the website in droves—but selling teams couldn’t differentiate between visitors. Dremio’s strategy hinged on successful account-based experiences (ABX) to provide a frictionless customer experience across all areas of their business—including marketing, sales, success, and support. As traffic increased, there were internal fumbles between SDRs, sales leaders, and marketing teams. 

Dremio needed a solution to see who was on site, when, and why. Having used other conversational sales and marketing tools in the past, Dremio sought to uplevel with a platform that could leverage their complex Salesforce data. 

Dremio doubled down on ABX and conversational marketing as a cornerstone of their strategy. This required alignment across teams, a customer-centric communication ecosystem, and the right tech stack to bring it together. Powered by Qualified, this strategic investment enabled Dremio to deliver white-glove customer experiences.

Dremio's homepage immediately greets visitors with a Chatbot

The Solution

Dremio implemented Qualified for the deep Salesforce and Marketo integrations. They also used 6Sense, an account engagement platform that uses the power of AI, big data, and machine learning to assess high-intent visitors.

The team worked closely with Katie, Qualified’s Customer Success Manager, to identify key strategies and best practices that would set them up for success:

  • Implemented bespoke Qualified Experiences to identify high intent pages like pricing and legal
  • Leveraged 6Sense data to see which visitors had high purchase intent
  • Set up complex routing rules based on Salesforce data to direct visitors to the right person
  • Triggered alerts—specifically email and Slack—to notify teams when high-value visitors were on the site
  • Segmented traffic into existing targeted accounts or customers that need support

Dremio needed to work fast so Katie met the speed of their business; building, testing, and training their entire SDR team as quickly as possible. In just four weeks time, their entire program was live and Dremio started to see promising results.

The Result

This strategy resulted in quick success for Dremio. Within the first few weeks of implementation, Dremio saw exponential growth in MQLs and pipeline:

  • 100% increase in MQLs within 20 days of implementation 
  • Qualified became the  #1 channel for lead generation
  • 26% of Dremio’s pipeline was attributed to Qualified 
  • 420% ROI on Qualified

With Qualified, Dremio was able to exceed pipeline and revenue goals, helping them achieve a coveted unicorn status.

The Future

Given the success of their strategy built on account-based experiences and seamless implementation, Dremio will continue to invest in conversational marketing as a key driver of internal alignment to create a second-to-none customer experience. 

Katie and the Dremio team are dreaming up ways to add assets to Qualified experiences to capitalize on competitive campaigns and close more business.

Interested in learning more about account-based experiences, Dremio, and Qualified? Head on over to The Conversational Marketing Blog to learn more. 

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