Qualified for salesloft

An outbound motion that delivers a seamless buying experience and more pipeline

Initiate personalized conversations with prospects as soon as they click through a Salesloft email Cadence and arrive on your website.

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Target accounts showing high buyer intent

Sales prospecting is tough and time-consuming. Rather than blindly chasing prospects, use buyer intent data with Qualified Signals to prioritize accounts that are most likely to buy, then send those VIPs a personalized outbound email driving them to your site.

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Turn email clicks into real-time sales conversations

A VIP buyer just opened your email and clicked through to your site. This is a pivotal moment! Now what? Qualified for Salesloft instantly alerts sales reps so they can initiate a personalized conversation right on the website and continue the conversation across channels.

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The cross-channel experience your sales reps crave and buyers expect

Qualified Experiences

Welcome prospects from Salesloft Cadences with a custom greeting

Once a prospect clicks through a Salesloft email Cadence and arrives on the site, automatically serve up a tailored Experience and give them the VIP treatment.


Identify and prioritize prospects in Salesloft Cadences

Automatically segment your website visitors by categories, like “Salesloft Cadence,” so reps know exactly where to find their most valuable buyers.


Connect prospects in Salesloft Cadences with their dedicated sales rep

Instantly route prospects in Salesloft Cadences to the email sender and alert the assigned sales rep across the channels they use most, like Slack and email.


Engage prospects from Salesloft Cadences when timing matters most

Now that you’ve piqued their interest, jump into a personalized conversation to seamlessly continue the dialogue from your Salesloft email. When the time’s right, transition to a voice call or schedule a meeting to keep deals moving.

Qualified for Salesloft allows us to deliver the seamless buying experience that today’s modern B2B customers expect. It’s a no-brainer: our sellers use Salesloft to prospect into target accounts and Qualified to convert and close them.

Tim Bertrand
President & Global Field Operations

The dream team for any sales rep

Qualified connects right into Salesforce, your source of truth, and Salesloft, your sales engagement platform, so you can accelerate sales cycles and deliver a seamless buying experience.


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