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Qualified is the #1 pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Discover how our customers succeed in driving more pipeline with the Qualified Advantage.

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First things first: let’s talk customer success

Don’t take our word for it. Check out thousands of reviews from customers who are succeeding with Qualified. Discover why Qualified is ranked #1 across over 20 categories on G2 and #1 on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Qualified does everything Drift couldn't do.

I highly recommend Qualified especially if you heavily rely on Salesforce as Drift will fall very short.

Justina Logozzo
Director of Web Marketing

If you are evaluating Drift or other chatbot options, stop. Qualified is your best path forward.

The visibility, functions, and features of Qualified have improved my workflow and helped me understand my prospects better and faster.

Mike Rogers
Director of Business Operations

150x Increase in Meetings from Day1!

We were in a position of either rewriting all of out Drift playbooks or switching platforms and decided to give Qualified a try. We implemented in 3 weeks across two sites, in two languages, and on the forst day booked twice as many meetings as we had the entire previous 90 days.

Caroline Wright Berith
Director of Demand Generation

Qualified is leading the ROI on Chat Bot Experience!

From the discovery call to the implementation, the Qualified team was there every step of the way. The launch day was seamless and the Qualified's journey builder is the best out there. It has been a great experience from beginning to end. If you are considering making the switch from Drift to Qualified, it’s in your best interest to do so.

Mallory Hildebrand
Marketing Operations Manager

Qualified is an excellent tool for top-of-funnel marketing and sales efforts!

We evaluated Drift vs Qualified and while they are very similar from a functional standpoint, the customer support and hands-on interactions have completely wow'd us. The Qualified team has acted as an extension of our marketing team.

Desiree Adkins
Director of Marketing Operations

Unparalleled onboarding and customer support

The amount of work that Qualified's team does to support a successful launch is unmatched with any vendor I've worked with previously. I've used & evaluated many of these platforms including Intercom & Drift and none hold a candle to what Qualified is doing.

Matt Buren
VP Global Sales & CX Operations

Amazing onboarding services team and excellent tool!

We switched from Drift to Qualified and we’re very happy with our decision. The onboarding services team is top notch - and we’re already seeing better results than we did with our previous tool.

Mike Ryan
SVP of Growth Marketing

Most robust chat platform I’ve used

I’ve used Drift and other vendors - Qualified’s capabilities far outweigh the others. Not to mention their customer service is exceptional #whitegloveservice.

Whitney Robbins
VP of Sales Development

When it comes to ROI, there's no competition

Customers that choose Qualified see massive results. When you invest in Qualified, our  team will understand your business goals and guide your strategy to move the needle on the metrics that matter most: pipeline and revenue.

Average Sourced Revenue ROI
Average Sourced Pipeline
Average Sourced Revenue
*1 year timeframe

Purpose-Built for Salesforce

If Salesforce is your source of truth, Qualified is built for you. We were founded by Salesforce executives, funded by Salesforce Ventures. We are built on the Salesforce platform, a certified ISV partner, and the #1 conversational solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. Plus, Salesforce also chose Qualified to power the Salesforce AppExchange Chat, making us the go-to platform for the Salesforce Ohana.

Qualified perfectly aligns with Salesforce’s mission to bring customers and companies closer together.

Sarah Franklin

The Xforce Platform

Unlike Drift’s brittle point integration to Salesforce, Qualified has enterprise-grade integration infrastructure.

Say goodbye to segmentation or routing issues! Serving as the foundation beneath Qualified, the Xforce Platform runs natively on the Salesforce platform. We include ten major services that harness the power of Salesforce; Xforce traverses every customer’s unique  Sales Cloud model and leverages hundreds of thousands of data points to power custom conversational programs and account-based buyer intent unlike anything before.

Qualified sets the bar for the best chat tool!

We now have visibility into our entire funnel with valuable metrics to back it up. The user interface is painless and navigable. The Javascript that goes on behind the scenes on our website feels like magic. The amount of information that we can now gather from people visiting our website is incredible. The icing on the cake was all of the work that the CSM put into our onboarding. They had complete knowledge of the platform and knew exactly how to make it work for our specific use cases.

Alex Mazza
Marketing Operations Manager

Guaranteed Customer Success & ROI

Our motto is simple: Qualified does “whatever it takes” to ensure our customers are successful. From kickoff to go-live, you’ll partner with a dedicated Qualified Success Architect—a Salesforce-certified implementation consultant with deep industry and Salesforce experience. They will get you up and running on Qualified on an average of 34 days, managing the entire project, building every experience, and completing all implementation services, so you can see ROI fast.

It doesn’t end there - you’ll receive year-round support to ensure you get the most value out of Qualified. Don’t take our word for it! Hear our customers rave about success:

Qualified leads with customer service and lives up to that promise.

They essentially handle the setup for you, from configuration and routing rules, to actually writing the experiences. We were in a position of either rewriting all of our Drift playbooks or switching platforms and decided to give Qualified a try. We implemented in 3 weeks across two sites, in two languages, and on the first day booked twice as many meetings as we had the entire previous 90 days.

Caroline Wright Berith
Director of Demand Generation

Humans Sell, Bots Scale

While Drift aims to replace your sales reps with bots, Qualified believes in human-led conversations. That’s because sales cycles progress with human-to-human live conversations.

With Qualified Conversations, connect your best buyers with your best reps, directly on your website. Don’t make them go through hoops, hurdles, or one-size-fits-all bots to reach you. Qualified gives your reps actionable insights like digital body language to enable personalized proactive outreach to target buyers - directly on your website. Use bots to scale and handle tasks that don’t require soft skills—like capturing leads, booking sales meetings around the clock, or sharing content.

Qualified brings a human element to the chat.

Our SDR team appreciates the deep insight, being able to click into the chat, see where visitors are, and personalize conversations accordingly.

Justina Logozzo
Director of Web Marketing

Designed for Rep Adoption

Qualified is purpose-built with the end user in mind - inbound and outbound sales reps. Our platform is the key tool in any reps’ toolkit, providing rich account-based intent signals, and seamlessly integrated with every reps’ existing tech stack. Qualified unlocks an entirely new channel, directly on your website, to help your reps capitalize at the right time to accelerate lead generation. Our platform is easy to adopt, and we’ll train your team as part of our success model.

More leads, better leads, and more pipeline.

I'm an SDR at InsideView where we migrated from using Drift to Qualified. The types of conversations we are able to have (and therefore better qualify for sales) have been significantly higher in quality.

Anthony Song
Account Executive, Demandbase

Pace of Innovation

At Qualified, we like to move fast. Driven by customer input, we deliver four major seasonal releases a year, featuring dozens of new products and features, to help you grow more pipeline, faster.

We take chat to new heights; from real-time segmentation, advanced Salesforce routing, proprietary live screen sharing, integrated voice-calls, and proactive outbound chat. And we’ve expanded our platform with an account-based buyer & third party research  intent product to help you gather signals of buying intent signals and maximize pipeline.

Qualified has helped build new features that we were missing, and they are constantly innovating.

It has allowed us to gain better alignment between marketing and sales and grow the number of conversations.

Maria Toft
Director of Demand Generation

Pipeline Cloud

The heart of Qualified is pipeline generation. We have always been focused on making it easier for revenue teams that use Salesforce to engage and  convert target buyers. We’re so much more than “just chat” - Qualified offers a full suite of pipeline generation capabilities, including Qualified Signals, Qualified for Outbound, and Qualified for Advertising to arm your sellers with even more data and help you maximize your sales and marketing efforts.

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The Pipeline Cloud is a gamechanger. This is the new way to generate pipeline.

Anna Centrella
Director of Sales Development

Company Momentum

Qualified is ranked ranked #1 across over 40 categories on G2, including Conversational Marketing, Live Chat, Chatbots, and Bot Platforms. With 400% revenue growth and 150% net revenue retention rate over the past year, Qualified is the fastest growing pipeline generation platform in the industry.

In the last three years, we’ve raised $163M in venture financing - from Sapphire Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Salesforce Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and Redpoint Ventures - and were recognized by San Francisco Business Times as the #1 Best Place to Work for two consecutive years. We’re continuing this momentum in 2022 and beyond.

Qualified is leading the pack


Qualified Named #1 Chatbot by G2

Qualified has been ranked by our customers on G2 as the leading chatbot vendor.
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Qualified Named Leader by G2

Qualified has been ranked by our customers on G2 as the leader in conversational marketing.
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Qualified is #1 on the AppExchange

Qualified has been ranked by our customers on the AppExchange as the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce.
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See how Qualified stacks up vs. Drift

Two different approaches to pipeline generation. One clear winner. Quality of support, product direction, increased pipeline, and better adoption are just a few reasons why customers prefer Qualified.

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Looking to switch off of Drift? You’re in good company. Over one hundred of the world’s leading brands have switched from Drift to Qualified to generate more pipeline.


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