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Purpose-built for Salesforce, Qualified helps leading brands grow more pipeline faster from their website.

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Today’s digital-first customers expect more. Broken features and functionality, lack of customization, and poor customer support are a thing of the past. Just because the competition is settling, doesn’t mean you should too.

Purpose-built for Salesforce, Qualified helps thousands of leading brands grow more pipeline faster from their website. When you invest in Qualified, you get more than our technology. You get a partner committed to your long-term growth and success.

Purpose-Built for Salesforce

If Salesforce is your source of truth, you need Qualified. Founded by Salesforce executives, funded by Salesforce Ventures, built on the Salesforce platform, a certified ISV partner, and the #1 pipeline generation platform on Salesforce AppExchange, Qualified is truly Salesforce through and through. Plus, Salesforce chose Qualified to power Salesforce AppExchange Chat, making us the go-to platform for the Salesforce Ohana.

The Xforce Platform

Serving as the foundation beneath Qualified, the Xforce Platform runs natively on the Salesforce platform. The platform offers ten major services that harness the power of Salesforce; it traverses every customer’s unique Salesforce Sales Cloud model and leverages hundreds of thousands of data points to power custom conversational programs and account-based buyer intent unlike anything before.

Unlike our competition’s brittle point integrations, Qualified has enterprise-grade integration infrastructure. There is no Salesforce instance too complex for the Xforce Platform.

Guaranteed Customer Success

Our motto is simple: We do “Whatever it takes” to ensure our customers are successful. From kickoff to go-live, you’ll partner with a dedicated Qualified Success Architect—a Salesforce-certified implementation consultant with deep industry and Salesforce experience. They will get you up and running on Qualified in 30-60 days, managing the entire project, building every experience, and completing all implementation services, so you can see ROI fast.

It doesn’t end there, as you’ll receive year-round support to ensure you get the most value out of Qualified. There’s no catch and definitely no ghosting. We truly believe when you succeed, we succeed.

Human-Centric Selling

While other conversational platforms aim to replace your sales reps with bots, Qualified believes in humanizing business. That’s because sales cycles progress when conversations happen—real, live human-to-human conversations.

With Qualified Conversations, connect your best buyers with your best reps, instantly. Don’t make them go through hoops, hurdles, or one-size-fits-all bots to reach you. Instead, use bots to scale your business and handle tasks that don’t require soft skills—like capturing leads and booking sales meetings around the clock.

Pace of Innovation

At Qualified, we like to move fast. Driven by customer input, we deliver four major seasonal releases a year, featuring dozens of new products and features, to help you grow more pipeline, faster.

We are taking live chat to new heights; from real-time segmentation, advanced Salesforce routing, proprietary live screen sharing, integrated voice-calls, and proactive outbound chat. And now we’ve expanded our platform with an account-based buyer intent product to help you gather buying intent signals and maximize pipeline.

Pipeline Cloud

The heart of Qualified is pipeline generation. We have always been focused on making it easier for revenue teams that use Salesforce to engage and convert target buyers. While Qualified Conversations is our flagship product, we are so much more than "just chat." Qualified offers a full-suite of pipeline generation capabilities, including Qualified Buyer Intent Signals, Qualified for Outbound, and Qualified for Advertising to arm your sellers with even more data and help you maximize your sales and marketing efforts.

Company Momentum

Qualified is ranked #1 across over 20 categories on G2, including Conversational Marketing, Live Chat, and Chatbots. With 400% revenue growth and 150% net revenue retention rate over the past year, Qualified is the fastest growing pipeline generation platform in the industry.

In the last three years, we’ve raised $163M in venture financing—from Sapphire Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Salesforce Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, and Redpoint Ventures—and were recognized by San Francisco Business Times as the #1 Best Place to Work for two consecutive years. We will continue this momentum in 2022 and beyond.

We are ranked #1 by our customers


Qualified Named #1 Chatbot by G2

Qualified has been ranked by our customers on G2 as the leading chatbot vendor.

Qualified Named Leader by G2

Qualified has been ranked by our customers on G2 as the leader in conversational marketing.

Qualified is #1 on the AppExchange

Qualified has been ranked by our customers on the AppExchange as the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce.

See how we stack up vs. Drift

Two different approaches to pipeline generation. One clear winner on G2. Quality of support and product direction are just a few reasons why customers prefer Qualified over Drift.


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See why customers love Qualified

Don’t take our word for it. Check out thousands of customer reviews to see why Qualified is ranked #1 across over 20 categories on G2 and #1 on the Salesforce AppExchange.

If you are evaluating Drift or other chatbot options, stop. Qualified is your best path forward.

The customer success team is a major selling point! This is the best onboarding and enablement I've ever seen. We swapped from Drift to Qualified in 9 days thanks to flexibility and guidance from the Qualified team. They really led the project and ensured we could stay on-target.

Mike Rogers
Director of Business Operations

150x Increase in Meetings from Day 1!

Qualified leads with customer service and lives up to that promise. They essentially handle the setup for you, from configuration and routing rules, to actually writing the experiences. We were in a position of either rewriting all of our Drift playbooks or switching platforms and decided to give Qualified a try. We implemented in 3 weeks across two sites, in two languages, and on the first day booked twice as many meetings as we had the entire previous 90 days.

Caroline Wright
Director of Demand Generation

Most robust Chat Platform I have used

Our BDR and SDR teams (~200 employees) leverage Qualified today. In prior roles, I have used Drift, Salesforce Chat, and Zendesk, Qualified's capabilities far out reach the others. Not to mention their customer service is exceptional. #WhiteGloveService

Our conversion rates have almost doubled. The visibility we have into live page views and notifications when a prospect is on a high converting page helps us proactively engage with them in a seamless organic fashion.

Whitney Robbins
Director of Business Development

Best onboarding and ongoing support I have received yet.

I was a little nervous when we decided to move away from Drift. The team at Qualified.com did an excellent job of setting realistic expectations during the sales cycle and did their homework on us as a company.

Jeremy Kleier
Revenue Operations Manager

Best customer service! Our sales team loves Qualified.

Their customer success manager is the best in the business. Having weekly 1:1 with our CSM, Sterling, has been crucial to our success. Our CSM was very hands-on with the implementation and transition from Drift to Qualified and has helped us weekly ever since. I don't think I've had a better CSM before!

Maria Toft
Director of Demand Generation
Cockroach Labs

Great experience.

Qualified is flexible and configurable for a variety of use cases including supporting our ABM efforts. Implementation is quick and easy and the team is very receptive to feedback. It’s a pleasure working with them and a great experience so far. I’m glad we didn’t choose Drift.

MJ Craig
VP of Marketing

Buy this!

I have used chat programs for the last 20 years from Live Agent, Intercom, Drift. Qualified with the integration of 6Sense and Clearbit help us know who is on the site. But even better, we can watch them in real-time, seeing them hovering over quotes and asking, do you want to learn more about what our customers say? Another great part is knowing what my ad spend is doing, seeing a person from chat and knowing what Google Ad they clicked on, then having a conversation that makes sense. This is the greatest difference.

Matt Bullock
CEO and Founder

Of all the chat bots, Qualified is king!

Qualified has been the best chat tool I’ve ever implemented and used. It connects with Salesforce seamlessly.

I’ve worked with Drift before and also have implemented Live Agent. Both lack the customization and insights that you want and need for a chat bot. Not to mention, the Qualified app is incredible in the way it gives your agents the ability to see where chats are coming in from on the globe and to see where visitors are on your website (real time!)

Kruse Collins
Salesforce Administator,

Amazing onboarding services team and excellent tool

We switched from Drift to Qualified and we're very happy with our decision.

The onboarding services and customer success team is top notch - They got us up and running very quickly and held our hand throughout the process. We've already generated a significant amount of pipeline and leads since our implementation, and we're actually seeing better results than we did with our previous tool.

Mike Ryan
VP of Growth Marketing
project 44

More leads, better leads, and more pipeline

I'm an SDR at InsideView where we migrated from using Drift to Qualified. The types of conversations we are able to have (and therefore better qualify for sales) have been significantly higher in quality. Part of this is because of Qualified's level of support and guidance as far as how to optimize the bot experience to weed out people SDRs should not be spending time with versus highly qualified web visitors. The option of being able to call live website visitors using the chat bot itself is a game-changing feature. This is a must-have tool in your stack.

Anthony Song
Account Executive

Unrivaled product functionality and a truly exceptional onboarding experience.

We chose Qualified to replace our previous solution (Drift), and we have been so pleased at the superior functionality and ease of use. Qualified is one of the more comprehensive and thoughtful tools I've ever implemented. They seem to have thought of everything, including features you didn't even know you needed.

Portia Lamotte
Digital Marketing Manager

Does Everything That Drift Couldn't Do

After having so many issues with Drift, we made the switch to Qualified and are so happy we did!

Our account CS Cameron has been amazing to work with. He's been super hands-on, provided a great training to our SDR team where they engaged with him, and he's been available as if he were an actual employee here! I HIGHLY recommend Qualified, especially if you rely heavily on Salesforce as Drift will fall very short.

Justina Logozzo
Senior Marketing Manager

An essential tool to optimize speed-to-lead

We recently left Drift for Qualified, and I couldn't be any happier. The visibility, functions, and features of Qualified have improved my workflow and helped me understand my prospects better and faster. If you're serious about speed-to-lead/ improving inbound processes, I'd recommend checking this tool out.

Andy Chen
Solutions Consultant

Trusted by the world’s leading B2B brands

You’re in good company. Join thousands of Salesforce customers around the world that chose Qualified over competitors to generate more pipeline and accelerate deals.

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