The AI Workforce isn’t coming, it’s here.

As we look in the rear view mirror of the technology industry, the only constant is change, and the pace of change in our industry is downright relentless.

When I first entered the tech industry we sold software over the phone. Email had just burst onto the scene as the de-facto way to communicate for business, and we were all wondering exactly what to do with the new Netscape browser that had just been installed on our computers.

Fast forward a decade and I was part of a movement trying to convince everyone that The Cloud was the next wave in enterprise software. People thought we were crazy, people thought it couldn't be trusted, but now it’s so integral to business that we don’t think twice about hyper-connected cloud-based services.

When Covid arrived and the entire world had to stop on a dime and pivot to a remote-first workplace, technology once again rushed in to change how we work and collaborate. Ubiquitous high-quality video meetings and new chat-based communication became the new normal.

Perhaps the biggest change of all was the arrival of ChatGPT, which took the world by storm in late 2022, and quickly became the fastest growing consumer application in history. Generative AI gave us faster access to information, answers, explanations, research, and ideas…all at our fingertips.

What's more, the new user interface gave us a feeling that there was something, or someone, new we could trust to get things done on our behalf.

For those of us operating companies, this innovation soon had us questioning everything we knew about the workplace leading up to this moment. For example, I was asking our team not just what AI means for Qualified as a platform… but for the workplace as a whole.

On an all-hands company call in 2023 I posed this question:

What does the world look like when everything is automated and AI is doing the work?

Say hello to the new AI Workforce.

The AI Workforce isn’t a thing of the future–it is happening now and it’s irresponsible for leaders to brush off the concept of the rising AI Workforce.

AI Workers are autonomous agents fully capable of taking over a role that we once needed a human for–the mundane, repetitive tasks like data management, research, editing, scheduling, et cetera. The jobs that you used to hire a recent grad to take on while they learned more advanced skills.

Now, it’s realistic to replace those roles with AI Workers, and redeploy headcount funds into more impactful initiatives across your business. 

And the crazy thing? It’s happening already. The AI Workforce is transforming B2B SaaS as we know it as software begins to run itself and it's opening the doors for AI Workers to apply for jobs in the multi-trillion dollar labor market.

Now is the time to chart a new path for the workplace and to prepare our teams for roles to shift. We’re already seeing dozens of AI Workers emerge and if we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it doesn’t take long for these models to evolve and become sophisticated enough to actually work. 

At Qualified, we’re on a journey to reshape the workplace and automate the roles that humans never actually dreamed of doing anyway. We’re making room for bigger thinking and more efficient GTM motions. We’re rethinking what the modern GTM team looks like, starting with ourselves, and starting with our approach to marketing.

We’re sharing our wins and learnings with you as we chart the path. 

Learn alongside us and future-proof your teams. 

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Kraig Swensrud
Founder & CEO, Qualified