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Qualified AI Meetings

Book more meetings with qualified buyers right on your website. In just a few clicks, sales reps have packed calendars with their best accounts. Say goodbye to scheduling snafus and hello to more pipeline.

Quick, easy meeting scheduling

Learn the ins and outs of Qualified Meetings and see how your team can 10x their pipeline.

Qualified Meetings

Book more meetings with qualified buyers right on your website. In just a few clicks, sales reps have packed calendars with their best accounts. Say goodbye to scheduling snafus and hello to more pipeline.

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Turn your website into a meeting booking machine

A powerful capability of the Pipeline Cloud, Qualified Meetings gives VIP buyers instant scheduling options and a direct pathway to sales — accelerating the pipeline generation flywheel for modern revenue teams.
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Skip the email back-and-forth and transform web forms into immediate pipeline

Don’t keep qualified buyers waiting; instead, give them a direct path to sales rep calendars. Buyers can avoid inconvenient scheduling cycles and sales reps can focus on what matters: preparing for productive meetings with worthwhile buyers.

Bypass web forms altogether for a modern approach to pipeline generation

With the Salesforce-connected website, Qualified knows when VIP buyers and target accounts are on your site. Smart buttons give these buyers instant access to sales rep calendars so they can schedule meetings in just a few clicks. After all, less effort for your buyer means more meetings for your sales team.

From real-time conversations to big-time pipeline, instantly

When VIP buyers arrive, engage them in a personalized conversation right on the site. This delivers a humanized experience buyers crave. Before they depart, get that next meeting on the books with their dedicated sales rep and keep the conversation moving forward.
Hi Sam! Melissa here, PayPal’s dedicated sales rep. Interested in our marketing solutions?
Hi Melissa! Wow, yes. I’m looking for info on campaign attribution.
No problem! Would you like to hop on a video call to discuss?
Kong Bui
Account Executive
1:00 pm
2:30 pm
3:00 pm
3:30 pm
Kong Bui
Account Executive
You're scheduled with Kong
3:00pm PST, Wednesday, December 10th
Confirmation details have been sent to

Our sales team absolutely loves Qualified Meetings. Now, they can focus their attention on preparing for high-quality meetings rather than painful scheduling loops. It’s a total win!

Maria Bross
Director of Sales Development

Qualified Meetings gives our buyers a direct line to sales without the hassle of lengthy scheduling cycles. Meetings automatically get added to our sales rep’s calendars, filling their days with calls they want to have while generating more  pipeline.

Tim Ozmina
Senior Manager, Demand Generation

Qualified Meetings helps our sales teams operate much more efficiently. Not only can we generate more pipeline from the website, we can also speed up sales cycles with instant bookings.

Brendon Ritz
Senior Director, Marketing Operations
Want to see Qualified Meetings in action?

Learn how you can book more meetings with your best buyers, instantly.

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The “secret sauce” that makes Qualified Meetings so powerful

With Qualified, you can build bespoke scheduling experiences that are unique to each buyer. In milliseconds, Qualified examines visitor data to determine who is qualified based on your buying criteria then uses intricate Salesforce-driven routing rules and advanced branching logic to book time with their dedicated account team.

Meeting Routing

Get the right attendees to meet at the most optimal time. With intelligent routing, Qualified Meetings examines all attendee calendars before presenting the most relevant scheduling options. This guarantees the right people are in the room and makes best use of their time.

Meeting Types

Ensure buyers meet with the right people in the right context, like a 30-minute discovery call or a one-hour product demo. Within the Experience Builder, you can use Meeting Types to set this context when the meeting is scheduled to increase attendance rates and meeting productivity.


Turbocharge Qualified Meetings with the Salesforce Sales Cloud

Harness Salesforce data to know when qualified visitors are on your site then give them direct access to their dedicated account team. With instant conversations and calendar invites, your pipeline will skyrocket. Data is then pushed back into Salesforce, where revenue leaders can visualize how Qualified Meetings drives more pipeline with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

Powered by the Qualified Platform

Jam-packed with AI horsepower, the Qualified Platform is what fuels the entire Qualified product suite. There’s nothing else like it.

Qualified Platform

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