The next-generation conversational sales and marketing platform. Connect with valuable buyers in real time, right on your website.

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Turn real-time conversations into big-time sales

Grow pipeline faster than ever before. Meet your VIP buyers instantly, right on your website. It’s never been easier with Qualified Conversations robust set of features.

QUALIFIED Segments & Live Streams

Cut through the noise and focus on your most important visitors

See everyone who’s on your site right now, then enable your reps to quickly prioritize VIPs. Automatically segment visitors into categories like target accounts, company size, or industry.

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Route the right visitor to the right rep, at the right time

Automatically route visitors to the right rep as soon as they land on your site. Prompt immediate action with notifications across channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Qualified Mobile, or email.

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See a 360-degree view of your website visitors

Supercharge your reps with rich contact and company data. Connect your tech stack—like Salesforce CRM, marketing automation, ABM, sales engagement, and data enrichment apps—for a complete view of your website visitors right within Qualified.


Get a front-row seat on browsing behavior

See exactly how visitors are interacting with your site. Get a sense of their interests, then pick the perfect moment to initiate a personalized conversation.

Qualified has been a game changer. We're seeing higher conversions and true pipeline; we’re huge fans.

Esther Flammer
VP of Demand Generation

When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

Susan Ganeshan
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Our sales reps are unlocking more opportunities than ever before. The days of 'flying blind' are finally over.

Howard Brown
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See how the #1 conversational sales and marketing platform for Salesforce can help you grow pipeline.

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Instantly engage website visitors in a real-time sales conversation

Customers expect more in today’s digital-first world — don’t keep them waiting. With a full-stack of engagement tools, quickly turn a website visit into a live sales conversation.


Connect with VIPs in real time

Initiate proactive and personalized live chats with your target customers.

Qualified Voice

Seamlessly transition to voice-calls

When the time’s right, instantly start a voice-call, right on the website. This is where deals happen.

Qualified Meetings

Get next step on the books

Skip the back-and-forth emails. Quickly schedule meetings with hot prospects to keep deals moving.


Connect with website visitors 24/7

Say goodbye to missed opportunities. Supercharge sales with dynamic chatbots that engage visitors, capture leads, and book meetings around the clock.

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Automatically capture inbound leads

Chatbots are a lead generation machine. Invite your qualified buyers to provide their email, so that you can stay in touch.

Ask qualification questions

Get to know your buyers. Let chatbots ask your most important qualification questions up front, then route your qualified buyers to a rep for a live conversation.

Effortlessly book meetings for sales

Make your website work for you. Identify your hottest website visitors and them to book sales meetings, right from your site.


Turn data into actionable insights

Make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive more pipeline. Deep dive into conversation engagement, sales rep performance, and business impact with custom dashboards and robust analytics.


The #1 conversational sales and marketing platform for Salesforce

If your company runs on Salesforce, then Qualified is for you. With Salesforce at the core, Qualified accelerates lead generation, pipeline, and revenue for sales and marketing teams worldwide.

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Meet with VIP buyers anytime, anywhere

Your sales reps are busy but they’ll always make time for valuable buyers. With Qualified’s mobile and desktop apps, sales reps can instantly chat with website visitors no matter the time or place.

Qualified Mobile

The mobile app instantly alerts and enables sales reps to have real-time conversations with VIP website visitors, even when they’re on-the-go.

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Qualified Desktop

The desktop app delivers timely notifications and gives sales reps quick access to buyer conversations without ever getting lost in cluttered web browsers.

Powerful alone. Better together.

Signals is account-based buyer intent that focuses your sellers on accounts with high buying intent; maximizing pipeline, more efficiently.

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As the world’s first native conversational platform built exclusively for Salesforce, Xforce leverages hundreds of thousands of unique Salesforce configurations and data architectures to help our customers maximize their Sales Cloud investment.

Qualified CONVERSATIONS in Action

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