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Everything you need to get started with live chat and chatbots on your site
per month billed annually
•  Up to 5 users
•  Up to 20,000 website visitors /mo
•  Live chat for sales
•  Build custom chatbots
•  Capture and qualify leads
•  Book meetings for sales
•  Integrate with Salesforce
•  Basic email support
Perfect for companies who are launching an integrated program with Salesforce
per month billed annually
Everything in Team, plus...
•  Add additional team members
•  Up to 50,000 website visitors /mo
•  Live chat with voice calls
•  Integrate with Salesforce & Pardot
•  Integrate with Marketo
•  Integrate with Clearbit
•  Integrate with Slack
•  90 days onboarding
•  Chat and phone support
For companies that have larger sales teams and want dedicated customer success
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Pricing upon request
Everything in Professional, plus...
•  High website traffic volumes
•  Configure teams and groups
•  Advanced routing rules
•  Salesforce sandbox support
•  Salesforce opportunities
•  Account-Based Marketing
•  Integrate with 6sense
•  Integrate with Demandbase
•  180 days onboarding
•  Dedicated success manager
•  Quarterly business reviews
A must-have in our sales toolkit. 70% more MQLs and 64% more meetings.
- Scott Holden, CMO, Thoughtspot
Our Website just got supercharged with
+30% more leads.
- Elias Larkin, Zero Motorcycles

Complete edition comparision

Simple plans and prices. Only pay for what you really need. All plans come with award-winning customer support.

List price
$500 /mo
$1500 /mo
Custom Pricing
User Logins
5 included
5 included
10 included
Additional User Logins
Not available
$50 /mo
$50 /mo
Monthly Website Visitors
20,000 /mo
50,000 /mo
Enterprise Domain Controls
Build Custom Chatbots
Capture and Qualify Leads
Book Sales Meetings
Messenger Customization
Salesforce Triggers and Branching
Live Chat
Website Live View
Voice Calls
Manager Monitoring / Coaching
Queue or Round Robin
Route by Salesforce Ownership
Route by Salesforce Custom Lookups
Custom User Groups
Custom Routing Rules
Salesforce Leads and Contacts
Salesforce Pardot
Clearbit Data Enrichment
Clearbit Reveal (Reverse IP)
Google Analytics & Facebook
Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities
Salesforce Sandbox
ABM - 6sense (Reverse IP & Segments)
ABM - Demandbase (Reverse IP)
Basic Email Support
Live Chat and Phone Support
90 days Onboarding
180 days Onboarding
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Quarterly Business Reviews

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