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Maximize your ABM investment by converting target accounts into pipeline, right on your website.

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Hundreds of 6sense customers use Qualified to engage and convert target accounts, right on the website

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Take your ABM strategy to the next level and watch your pipeline skyrocket

An ABM strategy is crucial to stay top-of-mind with target accounts. With 6sense, you can deliver personalized campaigns that engage your most coveted accounts and drive them to your site. Once they arrive, Qualified powers real-time conversations to turn these accounts into pipeline during that pivotal moment when interest is piqued.

Focus your sales reps on the target accounts that matter most to your business

When target accounts are on your site, it’s important to engage them before they’re gone. Qualified offers a real-time view of website traffic neatly organized into custom segments and live streams based on your unique ABM criteria. This is the command center that helps sales reps know exactly where to find their best buyers.

Convert your best buyers into pipeline with real-time sales conversations, right on your website

This is where the magic happens. VIP buyers are immediately routed to their dedicated sales rep who can start a meaningful conversation at key stages in the buying journey. This is an optimal time to address business needs and interests, delivering the red carpet experience modern buyers crave.
Qualified interface
Hi Amy! Josh here, Cisco’s dedicated sales rep. Interested in our Scrum Events?
Yes! I’m curious about the Jira integration.
No problem! What questions can I answer for you?
I’m a bit concerned about implementation. Is it complex?
Let’s hop on a video call and I can walk you through the details.

Never miss the chance to book meetings with target accounts, boosting pipeline and sales cycles

Generate pipeline from target accounts around the clock. Qualified Meetings turns every conversion point on your site, like links, buttons, and calls-to-action, into a meeting so sales reps have packed calendars with their best accounts, effortlessly.

Underpinning it all is 6sense’s powerful reverse IP technology, revealing VIP accounts on your site

An effective ABM strategy requires serious resources and coordination, but how do you know when VIP buyers get to the site? Qualified uses 6sense reverse IP technology to identify visitors from target accounts then surfaces these insights for revenue teams so they can take action.

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We want customers that are a strong fit for our business based on data. The Qualified for 6sense integration reduces friction and helps us have instant conversations with our target accounts. The result: more meetings and more pipeline!

Katie Penner
Manager, Business Development and Sales Outreach
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With the power of Qualified and 6sense combined, our revenue team has the visibility they need to convert target accounts into high-quality pipeline right on the website. It’s a game changer!

Melissa Robinson Phillips
Head of Marketing
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The Qualified and 6sense integration has helped our revenue team really focus on VIP buyers. This has  allowed us to turn real-time conversations into pipeline right out of the gate. It’s been instant results from day one.

Margot Lee Schmorak
CEO and Co-founder
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