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Qualified for 6sense

Converting target accounts from your ABM program into qualified pipeline has never been easier.

See the magic of Qualified and 6sense: your ABM dream team

Learn how Qualified and 6sense work together to convert target accounts right on your website

Hundreds of 6sense customers use Qualified to engage and convert target accounts, right on the website

Tune in and hear from leaders across the industry

abm pipeline has never been easier with QUALIFIED AND 6SENSE

Prove the  ROI from your ABM investment and watch your pipeline skyrocket

Account-based marketing is crucial for driving awareness with the accounts that matter most to your organization, so why not give them a VIP experience when they land on your website? With Qualified and 6sense, you can proactively engage target account visitors with personalized website experiences that convert into pipeline.

Unveil every target account visitor the moment they land on your site

The key to delivering personalized, VIP experiences to your target accounts is knowing exactly who is on your website the moment they arrive. Qualified uses 6sense reverse IP technology to identify visitors and surfaces these insights for your revenue team. Then, Qualified serves visitors personalized website experiences that directly reference 6sense ads, conversational email clicks, and more.

Piper, your AI SDR, delivers personalized experiences, built for conversion, around the clock

Once visitors are identified, Qualified sifts through thousands of important data points, like 6sense Buying Stage and Segment. Then, Piper immediately engages the visitor with one goal in mind: conversion. Whether booking meetings or handing off to reps for a conversation, Piper is key to scaling pipeline generation.

Convert your best buyers into pipeline with real-time sales conversations, right on your website

When you want to roll out the red carpet for VIP buyers, your AI SDR can seamlessly handoff the conversation to the assigned sales rep. Reps are assisted by Qualified’s AI Copilot, making it easy for them to progress conversations into pipeline using chat, voice, and video. This is a surefire way to wow your buyers and convert target accounts.
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Turn every conversion point on your website into a one-click meeting scheduler

Give target account website visitors a fast lane to their account team by transforming every conversion point on your website into a meeting scheduler. Qualified AI Meetings turns buttons, forms, and calls-to-action into a seamless meeting scheduler that works with even the most complex Salesforce and 6sense routing rules, so your sales reps have packed calendars with their best target accounts.

Optimize every aspect of your ABM strategy with unparalleled visibility into your data

See website traffic from target accounts increase as your ABM programs scale. Qualified combines the power of your website traffic data with 6sense and Salesforce data, giving you a never-before-seen view of how your ABM programs are performing.

We want customers that are a strong fit for our business based on data. The Qualified for 6sense integration reduces friction and helps us have instant conversations with our target accounts. The result: more meetings and more pipeline!

Katie Penner
Manager, Business Development and Sales Outreach
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With the power of Qualified and 6sense combined, our revenue team has the visibility they need to convert target accounts into high-quality pipeline right on the website. It’s a game changer!

Melissa Robinson Phillips
Head of Marketing
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The Qualified and 6sense integration has helped our revenue team really focus on VIP buyers. This has  allowed us to turn real-time conversations into pipeline right out of the gate. It’s been instant results from day one.

Margot Lee Schmorak
CEO and Co-founder
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