Fuel pipeline growth with actionable buyer intent data

Supercharge your team with first-party engagement intent data and third-party research intent data, so they can prospect smarter and maximize productivity.

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What is signals buyer intent data?

Signals intent data is your revenue team’s crystal ball

Buyers are interacting with your website and researching your products everyday. All of these engagements indicate different levels of buying intent. Using a proprietary AI predictive model, Qualified Signals combines first-party website engagement data with third-party data to surface the buying intent of a B2B company’s target accounts.


Tap into your most valuable asset: your website

Your website is a gold mine of buyer intent data. Analyze hundreds of thousands of first-party website engagement data points to identify high-intent accounts that are actively researching your business and the products they’re most interested in.

Mouse Moves and Clicks

Visitor website activity, including mouse moves and clicks across a webpage, signals deeper engagement.

Page Views with High Intent

A visitor explores pages across your site, each page holding varying weight as defined by you.

Active Time on Site

A visitor actively views website content, versus having an idle session, triggering a key intent signal.

Chatbot Conversations

A visitor engages with a chatbot, displaying heightened interest in learning more.

Human Conversations

A visitor chats with a sales rep over live chat, showing increased engagement.

Voice Calls

A visitor talks with a sales rep over the phone, clearly signaling high purchase intent.

Video Calls

A visitor meets face-to-face with a sales rep through a video call, right on your site, demonstrating high engagement.

Meetings Booked

A visitor books a meeting with a sales rep, showing a desire to continue the sales process.

Visitor Recency and Frequency

Visitors from one account return repeatedly and often, demonstrating ongoing interest.

Multiple Visitors Per Account

Multiple visitors from the same account browse the website, signaling internal discussions.

Outbound Intent

A prospect engages with an outbound email and arrives on the site, indicating propensity to buy.

Ad Intent

A prospect clicks through an ad campaign and visits the site, signaling interest in learning more.


Know what’s happening beyond the walls of your website

Capture third-party buying signals across more than 5,000 sites using Bombora. Uncover accounts that are in research mode and get a clear understanding of the products and services buyers are browsing. When the time’s right, reel them in with a personalized message before they have a chance to scope out the competition.


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Supercharge revenue team productivity and pipeline

Buyer intent data is the fuel that powers Qualified. It empowers your sales and marketing team to target high-intent accounts with personalized outbound outreach and ad campaigns, driving traffic back to your site. Once a VIP buyer arrives, reps can start a live sales conversation to convert more prospects into more pipeline.

With Signals, we know which target accounts are in research mode, helping us strike at the right moment in the buying journey. We’ve seen $7.2M influenced pipeline and 927% ROI. Absolutely fantastic!

Jason Widup
VP, Marketing
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Signals tells us when companies that we know, and companies that we don't know, are on our website and fit our ICP. It alerts the right sales rep to engage based on criteria including title, seniority, industry and or use case.

Scott Holden
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Signals enables our reps to focus on accounts with the highest buying intent so that they can maximize pipeline.

Kristin Hersant
VP of Marketing

"Signals helps prioritize the visitors that are showing buying intent and that’s been a game changer."

Melissa Robinson Phillips
Head of Marketing
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With the power of Qualified Conversations and Signals combined, we've been able to source $1.5M in pipeline and achieve 239% ROI.

Ben Perceval
GTM Systems Manager

We're seeing success with Signals and expanding it to drive Account-Based Advertising and Outbound Outreach. It's exciting!

Jesse West
Director of Lifecycle Marketing
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