Adecco Generated $57.7M in Pipeline, $24.4M in Revenue, and Achieved 46K% ROI With Qualified

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

Adecco Generated $57.7M in Pipeline, $24.4M in Revenue, and Achieved 46K% ROI With Qualified

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Adecco is a top provider of first-class HR solutions. Their mission is to match talented people with the job opportunities and employers they’re looking for. On any given day, Adecco connects over 700,000 people with opportunities that make the most of their skills and enable them to develop new expertise for the future. Adecco works with over 100,000 clients globally.
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Adecco Generated $57.7M in Pipeline, $24.4M in Revenue, and Achieved 46K% ROI With Qualified

Adecco is a first-class provider of HR solutions, with more than 50 years experience in the staffing industry. Its mission is to match talented people with the job opportunities and employers they’re looking for. On any given day, Adecco connects over 700,000 people with opportunities that make the most of their skills and enable them to develop new expertise for the future. 

As an enduring force in the HR solution space, Adecco understands the importance of staying on the cutting edge of technology. They leverage Qualified, including Qualified Conversations and Qualified Signals, to arm sales reps with actionable data and maximize their sales and marketing efforts. In doing so, Adecco is able to drive pipeline, revenue, and ROI.

The Challenge

Adecco’s website serves two distinct audiences: job seekers (B2B) and employers (B2C). Prior to having a conversational marketing and sales solution, Lissette Reyes, Head of Inside Sales for Adecco USA, and her team had no way of telling who was on their website and where they were coming from. This resulted in missed lead conversion and unrealized opportunities.

Additionally, the team wanted to ensure visitors were properly navigating the website and finding the information they were looking for. Before Qualified, Adecco had a ‘Contact Us’ lead form that would allow visitors to contact the team if they needed assistance. If the visitor didn't fill out the form, the team wouldn't know that help was needed. Adecco's goal was to transform the website into a place where visitors can come to learn more about staffing, find resources, and easily connect with the Adecco sales team.

To complicate matters further, the COVID pandemic hit and had large implications on Adecco’s sales model. “Everything was shut down. We needed to find a way to connect with customers and to be able to continue to move them through the funnel in a remote way because no one was meeting in person”, Adecco explained. “Staffing has traditionally been a very hands-on, face-to-face, relationship sell. You shook hands and talked with the people you were selling to. It wasn’t something that was done remotely.” Adecco needed a way to maintain that personal feel, but in a digital-first world.

The Evaluation

To solve these challenges, Adecco did their due diligence in researching conversational marketing and sales solutions; the decision came down to Qualified and Drift. “It quickly became clear that Qualified was something we were interested in pursuing,” Adecco said. 

As part of the process, Adecco compared the experience on Drift’s homepage to Qualified’s home page experience. “If you look at Drift’s home page, the avatar is a robot. When I went to Qualified’s homepage, it wasn’t long before the Qualified Messenger popped up. And I was like, ‘That's exactly what I thought.’ If you look at Qualified’s avatar, it's the people who work at Qualified,” Adecco said.

Adecco’s secret sauce is in their people––professionals with a passion for helping others who are experts in their roles––and most importantly, people who love what they do. They wanted a solution that took handshake deals and face-to-face sales into a digital world that still felt close. 

“Qualified is a way to have human contact through technology versus putting technology between us and our customers. That’s what made Qualified stand out,” Adecco said.

Another factor that played a key role in Adecco’s decision to go with Qualified is the XForce Platform, the first native pipeline generation platform built exclusively for Salesforce. Adecco’s inside sales team was already using Salesforce’s CRM product so Qualified felt like a natural complement. “We didn’t want to have to pull our people away from Salesforce. Qualified is so natively built to mold into Salesforce that it almost feels like a Salesforce product,” Adecco said.

The Solution

Adecco turned to Qualified: a set of technologies and processes that help companies generate pipeline quicker. Qualified helps companies identify their most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and uncover signals of buying intent. 

From kickoff to go-live, Qualified provided Adecco with a dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant, Katie, and together they developed the following strategy:

  • Segment website traffic to help sales reps focus on high-priority visitors including ABM, Closed/Lost Pipeline, Job Seeker, Known Contacts, Known Leads, Open Pipeline, and Diamond Accounts
  • Prioritize “pouncing” based on live stream columns with newest website visitors at the top of the page and the most VIP visitors on the left 
  • Use Salesforce data to automatically route visitors to their assigned reps 
  • Personalize experiences across Adecco’s high-intent pages 
  • Use Signals to identify accounts that are in-market to buy and their areas of interest

During the implementation, Katie set-up the “welcome” graphics by grabbing Adecco’s inside sales team member’s headshots off LinkedIn and said, “This is what you want it to look like. You want them to see real people who work for Adecco.” 

Adecco’s home page with Qualified Messenger personalized to include Adecco red and team member headshots

Adecco uses Qualified Conversations to bring their website traffic into a single, orderly view so SDRs can monitor their most important buyers. When visitors arrive on the site, Qualified leverages every known data point to categorize them into buyer segments. With Qualified’s Salesforce integration, visitors are automatically routed to their assigned reps as soon as they land on the website.

Adecco has taken full advantage of Qualified experiences, the customized journeys visitors are met with upon arriving on Adecco’s website. These experiences include an on-brand greeting and chatbots with qualification questions relevant to Adecco’s business, direct routing to a human for inbound live chat or outbound pouncing.

In fact, Qualified experiences have been so successful, Melissa’s team removed gated forms from their website altogether. “If someone lands on an article, white paper or infographic, we can offer it to them through Qualified. If they're a known entity, they don't have to fill anything out, it's frictionless. If they are unknown and coming to us for the first time, we can proactively offer them that content and be there to have a conversation,” Melissa said. 

Behind the scenes of building custom experiences for different pieces of content

Changing Adecco’s digital marketing strategy coupled with Qualified Conversations created a mountain of data. Qualified Signals helps Adecco’s sales team digest the data by monitoring website behavior and categorizing accounts by trend, including cooling, heating, or surging, to help reps understand buying intent fluctuations over time. Qualified Signals then aggregates the data into a single account view with an activity timeline so reps are able to focus their efforts. 

“What really excites us about Qualified Signals is the clarity that it brings to the sales team. They may have a ton of business in their pipeline, but if they sat down every day to follow up, how would they know where to start? Signals helps prioritize the visitors that are showing buying intent and that’s been a game changer,” Adecco said.

Qualified Signals connects website activity with Salesforce data to identify who is demonstrating buying intent, helping sales reps prioritize their prospecting efforts.

Another benefit of Qualified Signals is that it’s training the sales team to start looking holistically at accounts in a way they haven’t previously done because the data is built on the account level, not the opportunity level. 

The Results

As for the sales team, they’re big fans of Qualified. “They love that they can watch visitors engaging with the website. There's a level of fascination that happens anytime someone's exposed to it. You can watch the journey and that really gets people excited and engaged because they understand that it's a really cool piece of technology that’s giving them an edge that they wouldn't normally have in the sales process,” Lissette said.

Since going live in September of 2020, Adecco has generated $57.7M in pipeline, $24.4M in revenue, and achieved a 46K% ROI. Qualified enables the sales team to quickly recognize visitors who are on the website, prioritize visitors based on buying intent, and  personalize their interactions accordingly. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Qualified can drive more pipeline, revenue, and ROI for your business, feel free to chat with us anytime.

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