Greet your Oracle Eloqua leads, instantly

Qualified’s conversational sales and marketing solution connects you with valuable buyers when it matters most.


Don’t miss the chance to convert your most important leads

Your best leads are browsing your website around the clock. With Qualified for Oracle Eloqua, you never miss the chance to start a meaningful sales conversation before they’re gone.

Use Oracle Eloqua data to narrow your focus

Don’t just talk to everyone. Instead, prioritize conversations with the leads who have shown the most interest and engagement with your marketing campaigns.

Eloqua Email Campaigns

Immediately qualify leads based on email campaign engagement.

Eloqua Lead Scoring

Instantly connect with visitors who have healthy lead scores.

Eloqua Landing Pages

Engage with leads who are exploring your Eloqua landing pages.

Eloqua ABM Campaigns

Greet key accounts the moment they arrive on your website.

Eloqua Segmentation

Customize website experiences for people with similar attributes.

Drive revenue through real-time conversations

It’s no surprise that more sales conversations drive more pipeline. With Qualified, you’ll give your sales team more opportunities to get high-intent leads into a sales cycle.

Qualified has been a game changer. Higher conversions and more pipeline.  Huge fans!
Esther Flammer
VP of Demand Gen at Conga
Qualified.com Customer Scott Holden from ThoughtSpot

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