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Here at Qualified, we’re looking to disrupt the modern pipeline generation process by giving marketing and sales leaders a newer, faster way to grow pipeline.

Qualified helps companies generate pipeline faster by tapping into your greatest asset–your website–to identify your most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, convert outbound and advertising traffic, and uncover signals of buying intent.

Purpose-built for Salesforce®

The Pipeline Cloud is purpose-built for Salesforce. We're the only pipeline generation platform product to run natively on their platform. Salesforce is in our DNA. We’re led by former Salesforce executives and funded by Salesforce Ventures, everything we do is powered by Salesforce’s visionary thinking and passion for innovation. It’s no wonder why we’re #1 on the Salesforce AppExchange!

The real reason we stand out in the crowd? We’re obsessed with customer success. No other pipeline generation platform comes with the top-tier service our Qualified Success Architects provide. We’ll let our customers do the talking—check out our 250+ 5-star AppExchange reviews and over 500 5-star G2 reviews.

#1 rated

The future is Qualified

Qualified allows us to leverage our full techstack to create and deliver high ROI. We realized a 564% growth in chats.

Levi Worts
Web Personalization Manager

150x Increase in Meetings from Day 1!

We implemented in three weeks across two sites, in two languages, and on the first day booked twice as many meetings as we had the entire previous 90 days.

Caroline Wright-Berith
Global Director of Demand Generation

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to change how companies generate pipeline. Here at Qualified, we’re looking to disrupt the modern pipeline generation process by giving marketing and sales leaders a newer, faster way to grow pipeline.

Why? Because the old B2B pipeline generation process is broken. Every company drives traffic to one place: their corporate website. Until now, companies have had no way of knowing who’s on their site, and no way of meeting with their best buyers, instantly.  Qualified facilitates instant sales conversations—one click to chat, voice, and video—to unlock an entirely new pipeline generation channel.

$2M Pipeline Generated at Veritone
$2M Pipeline Generated at Veritone
$2M Pipeline Generated at Veritone
$2M Pipeline Generated at Veritone


We’re a team of hard-working people, families, pets, and fun. We love getting together online, in person at the gym, or over a beer and pizza. We love gamers, sports freaks, bookworms, and bicyclists. You should come to work in whatever way that helps you succeed while smiling as much as possible.

We’re all in this together with one shared goal: grow the business. We work as a team, we win as a team. We collaborate, strategize, and brainstorm across departments to deliver A+ work.

We’re defining a new category and have fierce competition. Fast-paced innovation is the name of the game.

We look forward. We reimagine. We throw out new ideas. We test things. We move quickly. We challenge the norm.

We believe we are the team to win it all.

One team

We’re all in this together with a shared goal: grow the business and each other. Work as a team, win as a team. Collaborate and strategize across departments to deliver A+ work. We are bold thought leaders that value creating sense of beloging for all and celebrating our wins, big or small.

Customer obsessed

Prioritize the customer above everything else. Build a product that our customers love. Establish ourselves as their trusted advisor and do “Whatever it takes” to make them successful and prove the ROI. Only when our customers win do we win.

Think big and move fast

We’re defining a new category and we have fierce competition. Fast-paced innovation is the name of the game. We look forward. We reimagine. We throw out new ideas. We test things. We move quickly. We challenge the norm. We don’t settle for status quo.

Our design philosophy

As the Qualified Marketing Design Team, it’s our responsibility to clearly communicate the benefits of our product in creative and engaging ways. We believe design is a key differentiator. Through creative and meticulous design execution, we build trust with our customers and prospects.

Our work represents Qualified as a company. The experiences that we create help shape how people view us. We ask the right questions, understand the problem, deliver ideas, care for the details, and we keep our customers and prospects at the center of our work. We care about the work we do.


Typography is a vitally important tool within the Qualified brand. It helps us convert important messages, establishes visual hierarchy, and keeps us consistent across everything we do.

Sharp Sans

Sharp Sans is the primary brand font. It is used for all headlines on the websites and on marketing collateral.


Inter is used for all product UI both in-app and when mocking up the app in the marketing collateral


Our color system builds on the recognition of the Qualified brand. It supports the purpose of the content, ensures accessible text, communicates things like hierarchy, interactive states, and the difference between distinct elements.

Primary colors

Teal is our primary color mostly used for CTAs.

Secondary colors: The Pipeline Cloud

Our  secondary colors are defined from the Pipeline Cloud graphic. We use our secondary colors when marketing specific sections of the Pipeline Cloud.

Qualified Conversations
Qualified Meetings
Account-based Advertising
Xforce / Connected Website
The pipeline Cloud Full Gradient
The pipeline Cloud Soft Gradient

Gray colors

Mostly used for borders or backgrounds, our gray color palette compliments our main colors and helps us maintain a clean visual aesthetic.

Salesforce colors

When emphasizing the Salesforce and Qualified partnership, usage of the colors below is allowed.


Consistent spacing creates visual balance that makes the user interface easier to scan. All spacing for components and typography is done in increments of 8 pixels.


We use a 12 column responsive layout grid that adapts to screen size and orientation, ensuring consistency across layouts.


Our icons symbolize common actions, files, device and acts as visual aids to help users complete tasks.


We seek to create a strong and consistent visual presence across the board with imagery and photography that feels human, relatable, and trusted.

Photography on the website

We use photography to elevate our messaging and turn complex product features into easy and approachable visuals. Always use high-quality photography with minimalist styling that matches our visual aesthetic. Diversity and inclusion is part of our core values, so it's important to select models that prioritize inclusivity.

Product images

We produce nothing less than pixel-perfect graphics to show off our product UI. Product photography should be sharp, clear, and free from any unnecessary distractions. We should always feature models that reflect our commitment to inclusivity.

Qualified Meetings

Our leadership team

Our product is purpose-built for Salesforce, which makes sense–our executive leadership team has Salesforce in their DNA. With over two decades of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, there's no better leadership team to build and scale the #1 pipeline generation platform for Sales Cloud customers.

Download high-resolution photos for articles and speaking opportunities.

Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud

Kraig is the founder & CEO at Qualified. Previously, Kraig was the Founder of GetFeedback. Before that, Kraig served as CMO of Salesforce where he was responsible for driving the global corporate and product marketing functions, leading a team that drove Salesforce into hypergrowth.

Sean Whiteley
Sean Whiteley

Sean runs the Solutions Engineering team at Qualified. Previous to Qualified, Sean was the CEO of GetFeedback, an online-survey solution and the #1-rated survey application for Salesforce. Before that, Sean was senior vice president and general manager at Salesforce.

Bing Yang
Bing Yang

Bing serves as Qualified’s Chief Product Officer. Previous to Qualified, Bing founded GetFeedback alongside Kraig, Sean, and Gopal, and he  spent 7 years building product at Salesforce. 

Gopal Patel
Gopal Patel

Gopal is the Chief Technology Officer at Qualified. Gopal has spent the better part of his career building leading technologies from the ground up. Gopal founded GetFeedback with Kraig, Sean, and Bing after building product at Salesforce.

Maura Rivera
Maura Rivera

Maura serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Qualified, the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce. Prior to Qualified, Maura spent time leading marketing teams at GetFeedback, Campaign Monitor, and Salesforce.

Dan Darcy
Dan Darcy

Dan is Qualified’s Chief Customer Officer. Before joining the team, Dan spent 13 years at Salesforce championing customers and product innovation.

Eric Sikola
Eric Sikola

Eric is the Chief Operating Officer at Qualified.  In his 20+ years of experience, Eric has been involved in building, growing, and scaling some of the world’s most reputable brands in the ecosystem.

Robert Zimmermann
Robert Zimmermann

Robert joined the Qualified leadership team as Chief Revenue Officer after an 18 year run at Salesforce. Robert was employee #60 at Salesforce… and #60 at Qualified. 

The Qualified team

We love bookworms, sports fanatics, and bicyclists alike. We work as a team, win as a team, and align on one common goal: grow the business. We collaborate, strategize, and brainstorm across departments to deliver top-tier work and have plenty of fun in the process. There's a reason we've been named The Best Place to Work in the Bay Area for a few years running.

Press Kit

Thanks for your interest in Qualified! Please take a moment to review our brand guidelines, press kit, and media assets. Any media inquiries can be submitted to, or just chat with our team and they'll get you to the right person.


Qualified is the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. Headquartered in San Francisco, Qualified is ranked #1 on the Salesforce AppExchange and is led by former Salesforce CMO Kraig Swensrud and former Salesforce product SVP Sean Whiteley. Qualified is funded by Sapphire, Tiger Global, Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and Salesforce Ventures.

Rules of usage

These graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws, so please use them according to our style guide.

Please don’t

  • Display our graphics or logos in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by Qualified.

  • Alter these graphics in any way or combine them with other graphics without consent from our team.

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