OwnData Generated 50% Of Inbound Pipeline, $6M in Website Pipeline and Achieved 2,591% AppExchange Listing ROI With Qualified

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

OwnData Generated 50% Of Inbound Pipeline, $6M in Website Pipeline and Achieved 2,591% AppExchange Listing ROI With Qualified

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About the Company
OwnData is a leading SaaS data protection platform that has protected some of the most comprehensive SaaS ecosystems in the world, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, OwnData has over 5,000 customers and is backed by $500M in venture funding.
Data Protection

OwnData Generated 50% Of Inbound Pipeline, $6M in Website Pipeline and Achieved 2,591% AppExchange Listing ROI With the Pipeline Cloud

OwnData handles data corruption crises and data loss management for more than 5,000 customers worldwide. Trusted by SaaS heavy-hitters like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow, OwnData helps organizations protect their mission-critical data and meet compliance regulations through data security, sandbox seeding, archiving, backup, and recovery capabilities. 

Ranked as one of the world’s top private cloud companies by Forbes Cloud 100, OwnData has experienced 100% year-over-year growth since 2015 and is valued at $3.35B.

OwnData leverages , including Qualified Conversations and AppExchange Chat, to create a clear path to conversion through personalized conversations and better segmentation. In doing so, OwnData is able to drive pipeline and ROI.

The Challenge

Inna Bosenko, Director of Digital Demand Generation, leads the digital experience strategy across OwnData’s website, advertising, and email. Lindsey Newman, Digital Demand Development Lead, is responsible for website operations, infrastructure, security, and ongoing maintenance. Together, this dynamic duo helps ensure a stellar customer experience on OwnData’s website.

With 100K monthly visitors coming to the site via organic, paid, and third-party channels, OwnData didn’t have trouble attracting audiences. However, once prospects landed on the site, they were met with forms and impersonal digital conversion points, creating a high drop-off rate and resulting in missing out on pipeline generation. OwnData needed to add a human element to their engagements, break down the barrier of lengthy and intimidating forms, and provide web visitors with instantaneous answers and solutions to turn more conversations into conversions.

As the top-ranking backup and restore ISV on AppExchange, it was essential that OwnData was able to engage visitors on both their site and the enterprise cloud marketplace. Though they were already using a conversational sales and marketing tool, it didn’t allow their reps to reach AppExchange users. This created data silos, compromised lead quality, and resulted in missed sales opportunities. Inna and Lindsey set out to find a better solution.

The Solution

Like Qualified, OwnData is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner. Both companies build applications that are purpose-built for Salesforce and understand the importance of working with other partners within the Salesforce Ohana. 

It's no surprise that OwnData turned to Qualified: a set of technologies and processes that help B2B companies generate pipeline quicker. Qualified helps companies identify their most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and uncover signals of buying intent.

From kickoff to go-live, Qualified provided OwnData with a dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant, Katie, and together they developed the following strategy:

  • Automatically greet website visitors with the Qualified messenger and route them to relevant product or pricing pages based on qualification questions
  • Segment website traffic to help sales reps focus on high-priority visitors that fit OwnData’s ICP
  • Use Salesforce and 6sense data to automatically route visitors to their assigned business development representative (BDR) 
  • Send Slack alerts to instantly notify sales reps when a visitor from an assigned account is on the site so they can quickly jump in with a personalized greeting
  • Personalize experiences across OwnData’s high-intent pages

OwnData uses Conversations to bring their website traffic into a single, orderly view so BDRs can monitor their most important buyers. When visitors arrive on the site, Qualified leverages every known data point to categorize them into buyer segments, including: AppExchange, Open Pipeline, Dead/Lost Pipeline, Current Customers, Known Leads, etc. Using Qualified’s Xforce Platform, visitors are automatically routed to their assigned reps as soon as they land on the website.

Segmenting website traffic helps SDRs focus on high-priority visitors

OwnData has taken full advantage of Qualified experiences, the customized journeys that visitors are met with upon arriving on OwnData’s website. These experiences include an on-brand greeting and chatbots with qualification questions relevant to OwnData’s business, direct routing to a human for inbound live chat, or outbound pouncing.

“The ability to implement different flows based on different pages is key,” Inna said. 

For example, on OwnData’s demo pages, visitors are given the option to “skip the form” and chat with reps directly. In doing so, Qualified is allowing an easier path to conversion. With gated content, OwnData set up custom experiences to address questions visitors might have. In fact, OwnData has set up over 100 custom experiences across their website.

“Our team constantly works to ensure web visitors can quickly find solutions, answers, and connect with the team, all while experiencing the easiest possible path to conversion. Qualified adds a digital and personalized conversion point with a human element. As opposed to filling out a traditional form, engagement via Qualified is quicker, more convenient, and lower effort on the visitor’s end. It also serves as that extra qualifier before the lead gets routed to the inbound sales teams,” Inna said. 

To round out their use of Qualified, OwnData uses Qualified for Slack, which notifies sales reps when high intent buyers are on the website or AppExchange listing.

The Results

“Our inbound sales team relies on Qualified as one of their main sources of leads, especially because the real-time factor allows them to pounce on somebody currently on the site. They also have visibility into who's browsing what. This gives them the ability to personalize their messages and understand buyer behavior better. Our sales teams love Qualified,” Inna said.

“We're seeing so many more leads come in through the AppExchange than we did before because Qualified gives us the ability to monitor who is active. We have many different listings that allow people to keep a holistic view of everything that's going on for all of our products,” Lindsey said. 

Since going live, OwnData has generated 50% of inbound pipeline, $6M in website pipeline and achieved 2,591% AppExchange listing ROI with Qualified. 

In terms of the next steps, OwnData is exploring Qualified for Salesloft to maximize their investment in Salesloft. Doing so will allow the sales team to focus outbound prospecting on high-intent accounts, then start personalized conversations with prospects the moment they click through a Salesloft email and arrive on the website.

Key Learnings

When asked what lessons Inna and Lindsey would share with folks just dipping their toes into Qualified, Inna suggested multiple AB tests.

“We learned the same lessons as we knew with forms. Providing the easiest path to conversion with a very clear CTA is key. If the visitor has a question or if they just need to immediately schedule time with our sales team, they need to experience the path of least resistance.”

In the same vein, Lindsey recommended, “Segment, personalize, and test. Qualified is a powerful driver of pipeline when it's set up correctly. The conversion has to be exactly what the web visitor is looking for and getting there requires time to learn their behavior: what the visitors are trying to find, collecting and analyzing that data, and running tests. 

Most importantly, “Utilize the Qualified Success Team. Collaborating with your QSA is going to be key in getting that extra knowledge on best practices, how other innovative customers are utilizing the platform, as well as creative ideas. They’re Salesforce-certified admins who know the Qualified technology best,” Inna said. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Qualified can drive more pipeline, revenue, and ROI for your business, feel free to chat with us anytime.

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