Veritone Generated $3.5M in Pipeline and Achieved 340% ROI with Qualified in a 12-Month Period

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

Veritone Generated $3.5M in Pipeline and Achieved 340% ROI with Qualified in a 12-Month Period

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About the Company
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Veritone (the “Company”) is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and solutions. Veritone’s mission is to democratize AI and build a safer, more vibrant, transparent, and empowered society. In furtherance of its mission, the Company’s proprietary operating system orchestrates an expanding ecosystem of machine-learning models to convert video, audio, and other data sources into actionable intelligence. Veritone has over 700 employees and two offices across the US.
Software Development

Veritone Generated $3.5M in Pipeline and Achieved 340% ROI with Qualified in a 12-Month Period

Veritone is a world-class provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and solutions. As the creator of an award-winning AI Operating System, the Company is elevating the human workforce by converting use-case concepts into actionable solutions and applications. Named a winner in the Deloitte 2022 Technology Fast 500 Awards, Veritone is trusted by many of the world’s largest organizations including Amazon, CNN, ESPN, and the U.S. Air Force.

As a company that specializes in AI technologies, Veritone understands that advanced technology presents the opportunity to humanize digital engagements, which often improves the customer experience. As part of these efforts, Veritone’s AI technology leverages Qualified Conversations and Qualified for Salesloft to effectively engage website visitors and enhance their journey in order to optimize the Company’s sales and marketing initiatives. In doing so, Veritone was able to drive $3.5M in pipeline and saw a 340% ROI during a 12-month period.

The Challenge

Veritone has a rich, comprehensive website with a large amount of compelling content. The breadth of content presented challenges for some visitors to find the products and resources they were searching for. Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Leatherman, and his team knew that there were opportunities to improve the visitor experience by making it easier for them to connect with their team and find relevant information.

Scott also wanted to improve visitor engagement at scale. “We have a very large website and portfolio of products and there is a lot of noise and activity on our website. The challenge is getting people to engage and pay attention long enough to find the products and resources to meet their needs. If we had a single solution website, it'd be a lot easier to solve this challenge, but we have 18 solutions across five different businesses and limited resources,” said Scott. 

Veritone needed a better way to break through the digital disconnect and guide website visitors to content and products that were pertinent to their needs, providing more personalized journeys to increase pipeline and boost engagement.

The Evaluation

Veritone’s Senior Director of Revenue Marketing, Russ Gould, brought Qualified to a previous company and strongly recommended the platform to Veritone as a possible solution. “What sets Qualified apart is their Customer Success team. In my experience, they set the bar for all of our other Martech vendors,” said Russ. 

“We looked at three different solutions, but nothing came close to Qualified in terms of meeting Veritone’s needs in this area. I wanted the ability to engage prospects and customers as they come to my website, qualify them, and move them through the funnel,” said Scott.

Veritone chose Qualified because of its excellent technology, ease of use, and stellar customer service. 

The Solution

Veritone turned to Qualified: a set of technologies and processes that help companies generate pipeline quicker. Qualified helps companies identify their most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and uncover signals of buying intent. 

From kickoff to go-live, Qualified provided Veritone with a dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant, Robert, and together they developed the following strategy:

  • Segment website traffic to help sales reps focus on high-priority visitors including Current Customer, Known Contact (Closed Lost), Known Contact (Closed Won), Existing Lead, Qualified Lead, etc. 
  • Use Salesforce and 6sense data to automatically route visitors to their assigned sales development representative (SDR) 
  • Personalize experiences across Veritone’s high-intent pages including all Application and Industry pages 
  • Send Slack alerts to instantly notify sales reps when a visitor from an assigned account is on the site so they can quickly jump in with a personalized greeting

“The simplicity of use is amazing. Our product teams understand how to use Qualified because it's intuitive. We were able to deploy the platform without having to do extensive training. This also speaks to the level of support our CSM, Robert, provided,” said Scott. 

The SDR team, led by Sales Development Manager, Kevin Joshi, is organized around target markets and businesses. They are the primary users of Qualified and their role is to capture and qualify pipeline for the sales team to convert into revenue.

The SDRs use Qualified Conversations to bring their website traffic into a single, orderly view so they can monitor their most important buyers. When visitors arrive on the site, Qualified uses every known data point to categorize them into buyer segments, including: Current Customer, Known Contact (Closed Lost), Known Contact (Closed Won), Existing Lead, and Qualified Lead. With Qualified’s Salesforce integration, visitors are automatically routed to their assigned SDRs as soon as they land on the website.

Segmenting website traffic helps SDRs focus on high-priority visitors

“Prior to Qualified, the sales teams did not have a comprehensive understanding of who was on our website. With Live Stream, not only can they see who is on the website, but they can also see useful information about how they are interacting with the site. It’s given the team an entirely new window into prospect behavior and it's enabling them to have much more relevant conversations,” said Kevin. 

The sales teams also take advantage of Qualified for Salesloft since they are already using Salesloft for their prospecting efforts. With this integration, reps are able to prioritize their outbound efforts and instantly greet buyers from a Salesloft sequence when they clicked an email link and arrived on the site, delivering a seamless buying experience across channels.

“Integrating Qualified with Salesloft has been absolutely vital to make sure we're not crossing lines of communication. There is synergy between the platforms that allows us to have more effective conversations as a whole. As a result, we’ve seen an uptick in website visits from our email communications,” said Kevin. 

SDRs can engage with prospects in real-time conversations the moment they click through a Salesloft email sequence and arrive on Veritone’s website

The Results

Since going live with Qualified, Veritone has generated $3.5M in pipeline and achieved 340% ROI in 12 months. In addition, the team has seen exceptional success across the following KPIs: 

  • 7.3% human conversations rate (benchmark 6%)
  • 12.6% leads and prospects generated rate (benchmark 8%)

Qualified enables the sales team to quickly recognize visitors who are on the website, prioritize visitors based on buying intent, and personalize their interactions accordingly. 

“Qualified is the tip of the spear for our website. I’m proud of the content on our website to bring folks to it, but I rely heavily on Qualified to push them through the funnel. With Qualified in front, we have the ability to engage prospects and customers through the SDRs. I now have a level of confidence that didn’t exist before Qualified,” said Scott. 

When asked what Qualified strategies have helped to move the needle, Scott explained, “The ability to pounce is just phenomenal. The sales team gets energized by that opportunity because they work so hard to get people to pay attention to them. So when somebody knocks on the front door, it's like somebody literally delivering candy. They get excited about it and they see the value of their outbounding efforts.”

On the subject of pouncing, Kevin chimed in to share, “We have an SDR who joined us and we are the first tech company she has worked for. She just started pouncing in recent weeks and in one of her first attempts, she was able to convert the conversation into a qualified opportunity, which is amazing.” 

Key Learnings

From a sales development perspective, Kevin recommends not treating Qualified as a chat tool but as a medium of prospect engagement. He explained, “Most people probably think that a web chat tool is to be used from a receiving standpoint. However, with Pounce Alerts, there are proactive engagement possibilities. This makes Qualified a dual-sided communication medium. That has changed the game for us."

As far as the next steps, the team is excited to leverage Qualified to build a greater alliance with their Product Marketing teams. “One thing we are exploring when it comes to new content, virtual events, webinars, and creating new pages, is leveraging Experiences to match those pages to create a more cohesive and thorough visitor journey,” said Russ.

Curious to see how Qualified can help your organization increase pipeline, ROI, and revenue? Chat with us anytime.

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