AlphaSense Uses the Power of Qualified to Generate Attributed Pipeline and Revenue and Achieve 4,109% ROI

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When a VIP arrives, my reps can start a conversation instantly. We've increased pipeline by 150%!

AlphaSense Uses the Power of Qualified to Generate Attributed Pipeline and Revenue and Achieve 4,109% ROI

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About the Company
Headquartered in New York City, AlphaSense is the leading market intelligence and search platform trusted by thousands of best-in-class corporations and financial institutions, including a majority of the S&P 500. Founded in 2011, AlphaSense helps research professionals make smarter business decisions by delivering key insights from an extensive universe of private and public content, including equity research, trade journals, expert interview transcripts, news, and company filings.
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AlphaSense Uses the Power of Qualified to Generate Attributed Pipeline and Revenue and Achieve 4,109% ROI

AlphaSense is the leading market intelligence platform for research professionals. They help thousands of the world’s largest corporations make smarter, faster, and more confident decisions by delivering valuable insights from a universe of public and private content, including event transcripts, company filings, equity research, expert interview transcripts, news, and trade journals.  

As a platform that leverages powerful AI-based technology to help businesses find the right answers quickly, AlphaSense understands the power of insight and intelligence. They used Qualified, including Qualified Conversations and Qualified for Outreach, to transform their website into a powerful engagement tool and drive pipeline while creating memorable buyer interactions.

The Challenge

AlphaSense was driving significant web traffic through multiple marketing channels. However, prior to implementing Qualified, AlphaSense’s website was not a demand generation machine in terms of pipeline. As soon as prospects entered the next stage of their journey and landed on the website, the conversation stopped because there was no way to engage them at this moment of high intent. This meant that sales development representatives (SDRs) were missing out on opportunities to effectively interact with prospects and drive pipeline.

Before joining AlphaSense, Mike Werch, Director of Marketing Operations, had implemented other conversational solutions. However, he was disappointed in other vendors’ customer support, hefty price tag, and lack of integration capabilities. Mike knew he needed to find another conversational solution partner that provided effortless integration with AlphaSense’s existing tech stack, next-level support, and real results.

After meeting with Qualified’s Account Executive and watching a tailored demo, Mike knew that partnering with Qualified was the way to go.

The Solution

AlphaSense turned to Qualified: a set of technologies and processes that help B2B companies generate pipeline quicker. Qualifiedhelps companies identify their most valuable visitors, instantly start sales conversations, shape sales and marketing campaigns, and uncover signals of buying intent. 

From the first consultation to implementation, AlphaSense received strong support from their dedicated Salesforce-certified implementation consultant, Anna. Together, they developed a blueprint for success:

  • Segment website traffic to help sales reps focus on high-priority visitors
  • Use Salesforce data to automatically route visitors to their assigned reps 
  • Personalize experiences across AlphaSense’s high-intent pages 
  • Instantly route prospects that click through an Outreach email and arrive on the website and alert the email sender to welcome them with a tailored greeting 

After Anna got them up and running, Mike along with his teammates Tim Ozmina, Demand Generation Manager, and Alex Long, Marketing Operations Manager, own the adoption, usage and success of Qualified at AlphaSense. 

Beyond setting up Qualified, Mike, Tim and Anna also partnered on further developing the Qualified Marketo integration given Mike and Tim’s deep understanding of the Marketo product. They dubbed the project “Operation Purple” with the mission of making the integration best-in-class. AlphaSense wanted to be able to use Marketo Smart Lists and Programs in Qualified. “We’re living out of Marketo. We’re building all of our lists there so it would be nice to not have to rebuild them in Qualified. Ideally, we can change the criteria in Marketo smart lists and they will dynamically change in Qualified,” explained Tim. AlphaSense also wanted to be able to create a master segment that included 4-5 Marketo Smart Lists, send Qualified Activities to Marketo, add Leads to a Marketo Program, and sync Marketo Static Lists to Qualified. Qualified delivered on every single feature. 

AlphaSense uses Conversations to bring their website traffic into a single, orderly view so SDRs can monitor their most important buyers. When visitors arrive on the site, Qualified uses every known data point to categorize them into buyer segments, including: open opportunities, closed lost opportunities, paid advertising, contact us page, pricing page, etc. With Qualified’s Salesforce integration, visitors are automatically routed to their assigned reps as soon as they land on the website.

One feature the SDR team is especially excited about is Qualified Video. According to Tim, one of their inbound SDRs had a 45-minute chat where he realized if he had just gotten on a video call with the prospect, the conversation would have only been five minutes long. “With the video feature, we've had a lot of success just having SDRs say ‘Hey, you’re asking some great questions! Do you mind if we move this to a video chat by clicking the video icon?’ This humanizes the interaction and we've seen an insanely high success rate of actually booking meetings through video,” explained Tim.

Visitor 360 with the email in LiveView and a contextual conversation

The sales team also takes advantage of Qualified for Outreach to send personalized emails referencing accounts’ website engagement and third-party research behavior. With this integration, reps can prioritize their outbound efforts and instantly greet buyers from an Outreach sequence when they click on an email link and arrive on the AlphaSense website, delivering a seamless buying experience across channels.

SDRs are notified the moment a VIP buyer clicks through an Outreach email and arrives on their website. They are able to have personalized conversations that are both relevant and contextual to the email.

The Results

Soon after implementing Qualified, AlphaSense transformed their website into a lean, mean, lead-gen machine. “We’ve taken the website from something that was largely focused on pushing customers to trial our product to giving them a better buyer's journey experience. We are shepherding them through with that little bit of handhold, giving them the next best piece of content or pointing them in the right direction on the site. We weren't doing that before,” explained Mike.

That’s because SDRs are now able to access massive amounts of data thanks to Qualified’s Salesforce and Clearbit’s integration capabilities and better personalize their conversations with prospects. SDRs also keep an aerial view of website user behavior, allowing them to instantly engage with visitors and help them find the information they’re looking for while steering the conversation. As a result, AlphaSense has generated attributed pipeline  revenue, and achieved 4,109% ROI in just 16 months since going live.

Key Learnings

“Despite really strong results, we have a long way to go and it's exciting that there's so much more that we can improve,” said Mike. “Moving forward, we're going to have more pages that have more purpose including tailored experiences.” 

When asked what advice the AlphaSense team would pass along to those getting started with Qualified, Alex recommends not rushing the process. “Check your integrations, make sure you have all the fields set up, think through how the flow is going to work, and then build your experiences accordingly. I've now worked at organizations where we had no live chat and where we had some live chat. Live chat makes a huge difference in how you're able to reach the tool. Getting your reps focused, trained, and incentivized to use the tool is key to getting the most out of Qualified.” 

If you’d like to learn more about how Qualified can drive more pipeline, revenue, and ROI for your business, feel free to chat with us anytime.

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