Announcing Qualified video: Take Conversations to the next level

Qualified Video enables sales reps to instantly engage buyers in face-to-face sales meetings right on the website.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
June 28, 2022
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Qualified Conversations is the heart of the Pipeline Cloud. Connecting with buyers the moment they arrive on your site is how you convert prospects into pipeline. With Qualified Video, you can instantly meet with VIP buyers face-to-face to deliver a human-centric experience that’s designed to generate more pipeline for your business. Check out the demo video below to see this fresh new feature in action. 👇

Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud: The modern pipeline generation motion

This year is off to an exciting start at Qualified. In April, we announced the Pipeline Cloud: a revolutionary new set of technologies and processes designed to help revenue leaders generate pipeline faster, and more cost-effectively, than ever before. Because in today’s world, it's absolutely crucial to maximize your marketing investments and drive pipeline for your sales team. When sales reps engage buyers in an instant conversation on the website, pipeline happens. That’s why real-time conversations are at the heart of the Pipeline Cloud.

Qualified Conversations is the heart of the Pipeline Cloud.

B2B buyer behavior and expectations have changed

As marketers, we work tirelessly to drive high quality traffic to our websites through paid ads, outbound sequences, Google SEM, review sites, social media, event promotions, email marketing…the list goes on. But what happens when valuable buyers arrive on the site? We greet them with a form. That’s crazy! 

Savvy B2B buyers don’t want to submit a form for more information. They want immediate answers. They want to talk to sales on their terms with a single click to chat, voice, and video—right through their computer. This is what buyers expect and we need to make it easy for them. We need to give them a frictionless, human-centric buying experience; otherwise, they’re off to our competitors. If sales reps aren’t able to meet buyers in that magic moment when they’re most interested in learning more, they’re missing out on pipeline—plain and simple. 

Meet VIP buyers face-to-face with Qualified Video

With Qualified Video, you can instantly meet with VIP buyers face-to-face on your website.

B2B sales has lost that human connection. AI and bots are great for scaling your business and capturing pipeline around the clock, but real, human sales conversations are how you build relationships. Qualified Conversations makes this possible through real-time conversations with live chat and voice calls right on your website. Now, you can elevate the buyer experience even further through instant, face-to-face sales meetings with Qualified Video. As the only vendor currently offering this capability for revenue teams, Qualified continues to innovate with this fresh new feature that breathes humanity back into sales and marketing.

Qualified Video gives your sales reps a chance to have personalized conversations with interested buyers and deliver an unforgettable buying experience. Not only can they offer quick answers, they can also read emotions, reactions, body language, and nonverbal cues to build rapport and trust—two factors that are absolutely crucial in the world of sales. Not only does this help modern sales teams turn more prospects into pipeline, it also accelerates sales cycles by having streamlined, meaningful conversations at key touchpoints in the buying journey.

Qualified is the command center your sales reps need to succeed

Qualified Conversations is the command center for your sales reps, helping them engage the right buyers at the right moment and supercharge pipeline

Qualified Conversations gives your sales reps a birds-eye view of all the traffic on your website at any given moment. When a valuable buyer arrives, reps can click through to see everything about them with Visitor 360, observe their browsing behavior with Qualified LiveView, and identify the perfect moment to proactively strike up a personalized live chat with Qualified Meetings. From there, they can seamlessly transition to a voice or video call. Not only does this enhance the buyer experience, it gives your sales reps a fast path to qualifying information that helps them generate more pipeline, faster.

Want to learn more? 

If you want to learn more, check out the Conversations Playbook with our top 10 plays designed to generate more pipeline for your business. Or, just reach out to us directly on the site. As always, our team is standing by. For Qualified customers, feel free to peruse our University article or best practices guide and connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect to get started today. We can’t wait to see how Qualified Video helps your sales team turn more prospects into pipeline.

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