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Maximize ad spend and pipeline generation by engaging your paid traffic in personalized, real-time sales conversations, right on the website.

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How it works

Meet the Trifecta for Marketing: A tried-and-true paid advertising strategy

Paid advertising is a powerful way to target accounts and drive website traffic, but knowing which accounts to target and when is key to maximizing effectiveness. Enter the Trifecta for Marketing: Qualified’s approach to helping your demand generation team turn ad clicks into pipeline.
Buyer intent signals show you which accounts are surging
real-time conversations
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Identify accounts that are in market to buy

With a proprietary AI Predictive Model, Qualified Signals combines first-party website engagement and third-party intent data to predict an account’s propensity to buy. Push this data into your Salesforce instance and build target account lists based on high intent.

Target high-intent buyers with personalized ads

Once you’ve identified your VIP buyers, build custom audience segments and serve tailored ads in platforms like LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook, driving traffic back to your website. This ensures your brand stays top-of-mind with relevant content and touchpoints as accounts move through the sales funnel and ultimately convert.

Turn ad clicks into real-time sales conversations

Get notified the moment a VIP buyer clicks through an ad and arrives on the site. Then, start a personalized conversation that’s both relevant and contextual to the ad.  When the time's right, transition to a voice or video call to keep deals moving, converting more prospects and growing more inbound pipeline, faster than ever.
Hi Atlassian Team! I'm Kyle, your dedicated sales rep. Interested in our invoicing solutions?
Hey Kyle! Yes, we'd like to learn more. How did you know that?
Looks like you clicked a LinkedIn ad. How can I help you today?

What’s included in Qualified for Advertising?

Maximize your ad spend and pipeline with these key features.

LinkedIn, Google & Facebook Integrations

Use Signals buyer intent data to orchestrate personalized digital ad campaigns

Ad Intent

Analyze ad engagement to predict an account’s buying intent

Account Insights

Personalize engagement with insights on accounts that engaged with ads

Prospect Insights

Empower reps with actionable insights on prospects that clicked through ads

Ad Reveal

View the ad that a prospect clicked through —  right within Qualified Live View

Ad Click Tracking

Track when a prospect clicks through an ad using UTM parameters

Qualified for Advertising allows my team to target high-intent buyers with personalized ads that drive them to our website. Once a VIP buyer arrives, an SDR can then start a contextual conversation, maximizing ad spend and influence $7.2M in pipeline.

Mark Huber
Head of Brand & Product Marketing
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By knowing who a visitor is and the ad they clicked through, our reps are able to convert more visitors and create pipeline, quicker. With Qualified, we’ve seen 687% ROI in two months!

Anna Centrella
Director of Sales Development
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We're seeing success with Signals and expanding it to drive Account-Based Advertising and Outbound Outreach. It's exciting!

Jesse West
Director of Lifecycle Marketing
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