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Recommendation AI

Serve hyper-personalized experiences to each unique website visitor

Deliver tailored website offers, greetings, and calls-to-action based on what you know about each visitor to boost engagement across every touchpoint on your site.

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Generative AI

Create compelling copy in seconds

Easily and instantly generate copy for your conversations and offers, helping you scale your efforts and grow your pipeline.

Auto-summarized AI
Auto-Translate AIAuto-Expand AI
Auto-Correct AIAuto-Tune AIAuto-suggest AI
Auto-pounce AI

Meet your new
conversational co-pilot

Qualified AI's generative capabilities help you have faster, smarter live chat and chatbot conversations.

Quickly spin up new
marketing offers

Experiencing writer’s block? Not to worry. Qualified AI automatically generates copy for you, so you can test a variety of messages across your site.

Marketing offersMarketing offers

Qualified AI

Qualified AI is the fuel that powers the entire Pipeline Cloud. Listen in as Tooba Durraze, our VP of Product and PhD in data science, breaks down our AI approach.

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Optimization AI

Optimize your entire website for

Identify areas for experimentation and optimize for your highest-performing content.

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Predictive AI

Predict which accounts are in-market to buy

Uncover which accounts are demonstrating buying intent, informing your next best action.

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Trust remains #1, always

At the foundation of it all lies trust. We uphold five core tenets in order to deliver outstanding performance, maintain ethical standards, and uphold trust.

Responsible AI


Use data responsibly to make the best predictions and uphold the trust of our customers.

Transparent AI


Explain our decision-making processes, giving customers a clear understanding of our AI functionality.

Safe AI


Protect customer data, operating within the confines of privacy regulations.

Accountable AI


Hold our system accountable for AI viability.

Reliable AI


Provide results that fuel effective strategies and outcomes.

See the power of Qualified AI

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