Using Qualified Video Strategically

Using Qualified Video Strategically


In this guide, learn how to use Qualified Video to your advantage when chatting live with prospects on your website.

How many internal video calls are you on a day? A bunch? Us too. 

In our digital first world, we’ve gotten used to seeing people through a camera screen and it’s because of this technology that we were all able to maintain our connections while working during a remote only era. 

Now.. we’re just used to it and so we have brought it to Qualified. We’re learning as we go but here’s what we know so far about Qualified Video...

It Provides Quicker, Richer Qualification

When you’ve had some dialogue back and forth with a prospect and established some rapport, it might be time to upgrade to a video call. If you’re having a conversation with a buyer, offer a Qualified video for a faster, more robust qualification conversation. Live chat qualifies leads quickly, but typing can be time consuming, complex & full of distractions. 

It Can Be a Sales Acceleration Tool

Qualified is connected to your Salesforce, which means that you get to see all of the most up to date Salesforce data on your website traffic. When you have open pipeline arrive on your website, they may be looking for information that they can’t find to help them in their decision making process. This is your opportunity to help them get the answers they’re looking for. 

It Has Increased Pounce Conversion Rates

We know that pounces convert better than reactive chats AND that humans want to connect quickly with other humans. Combine the two in a ‘Video Pounce’ - flashing your video to give your buyer a quick wave to demonstrate you’re a real person. Use it sparingly though - your time is valuable and you want to use this play strategically. Keep in mind that you should keep an eye out for digital body language to help you know when this is the right move. 

As we learn more and use Qualified Voice & Video, we’ll keep University up to date with all of the latest plays and best practices. Have questions? Chat with us below!

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