AdRoll saw their Meetings Booked Rate surge to 83% after switching from Drift to Qualified

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AdRoll saw their Meetings Booked Rate surge to 83% after switching from Drift to Qualified

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About the Company
AdRoll is a marketing and advertising platform that helps brands grow revenue and save time on one streamlined platform. AdRoll customers can make web ads, social ads, and email work together; plus, they can run, measure, and optimize their marketing efforts more effectively. Powered by industry-leading automation and personalization, the AdRoll platform's machine learning analyzes real-time advertising data to drive traffic and sales. AdRoll helps customers generate more than $246 billion in sales annually and has been used by over 140,000 brands since 2006.

AdRoll’s pipeline has skyrocketed since switching from Drift to Qualified

AdRoll struggled to capture leads with Drift. After switching to Qualified, AdRoll saw 128% YoY increase in MQLs compared to the previous year with Drift. What’s more, their Meetings Booked Rate surged to 83%, influenced pipeline climbed to $7.2M, and sourced revenue grew to $1.3M. This resulted in 16x ROI. 

Qualified Chatbots convert more prospects into pipeline for AdRoll

The Challenge

AdRoll targets mid-sized to enterprise D2C businesses who are focused on building brand awareness through online marketing. They have impressive website traffic, with 100k visitors each month; but despite healthy traffic, their Visitor Conversion Rate (i.e. visitors converting into leads) was only 1.5% and Lead Conversion Rate (i.e. leads converting into pipeline) was 30%. The latter was what AdRoll really wanted to improve, turning high-value leads into pipeline for their sales team. 

In an effort to engage buyers and capture more qualified leads from the website, AdRoll implemented a Drift chatbot as a new always-on channel. However, the Drift chatbot proved to be problematic early on; set up was cumbersome and customization was extremely limited. They also experienced incorrect lead routing to Salesforce and Marketo, which was not only frustrating for website visitors and sales reps, but also meant AdRoll was missing out on potential pipeline as leads fell through the cracks. This problem was only exacerbated by Drift’s unresponsive communication. With unresolved routing issues and unsatisfactory communication, the AdRoll team was ready for a better solution.

The Solution

AdRoll was intrigued by the customization and support Qualified could provide to satisfy their unique routing needs and guarantee their success. At the start of the program, AdRoll’s primary goal was to maintain the number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) produced by the Qualified Chatbot, if not improve them. This meant visitors booking meetings with the chatbot, and ideally, converting those visitors into customers. Spoiler alert: Qualified blew it out of the water.

Almost immediately, AdRoll saw a noticeable impact; about 70% of inbound leads were being influenced by the Qualified Chatbot. With so much success, they also implemented Smart Forms for Qualified Meetings. When a buyer fills in a web form, Qualified uses AdRoll’s unique Salesforce data to determine whether they’re qualified and then automatically serves a booker to schedule a meeting with their dedicated sales rep. This gives prospective customers total control over the scheduling process. With instant meeting booking available at key touchpoints across the website, MQLs skyrocketed.

Qualified Meetings for Smart Forms instantly serves a meeting booker to qualified leads

The Result

Within six months of implementing Qualified, AdRoll saw 128% YoY increase in MQLs compared to the previous year with Drift. What’s more, the Meetings Booked Rate (i.e. meetings offered vs meeting booked) surged to 83%. Influenced pipeline climbed to $7.2M and sourced revenue to $1.3M. The bottomline: 16x ROI.

With AdRoll exceeding their goals of booking more meetings with target accounts and converting those meetings into customers, AdRoll is now adding a secondary goal that focuses on engaging existing customers. Qualified will help AdRoll segment customers from their total website traffic then use the chatbot to offer helpful resources that improve the overall customer experience.

Key Learnings

In terms of advice, the AdRoll team recommends spending as much time with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect as you can. 

Since Qualified offers significantly more customization options than Drift, the AdRoll team can get even more creative and open more doors to engage their buyers. It’s a win for both buyers as well as sales and marketing.

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