Leading Supply Chain Visibility Platform, project44, Generates $9.6M+ in Pipeline After Switching to Qualified

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Leading Supply Chain Visibility Platform, project44, Generates $9.6M+ in Pipeline After Switching to Qualified

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About the Company
project44 is the world’s leading supply chain visibility platform, providing global brands like Amazon, P&G, and Starbucks with vital shipment information to empower supply chain resilience. Valued at $1.2 billion, project44 is based in Chicago with 800+ employees around the globe.
Shipping & Logistics

project44 drove $9.6M+ in pipeline and $1.3M+ in closed revenue less than one year after switching to Qualified.

As the world’s leading supply chain visibility platform, project44 provides 775 global enterprise brands—like Amazon, P&G, and Starbucks—with vital shipment information to support supply chain resilience. They connect all modes of transport—including road, rail, and ocean—across 48+ countries to help customers mitigate relentless volatility, bottlenecks, and logistics breakdowns; like the Suez Canal blockage in 2021.

project44 has received numerous awards, including recognition as a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility. Valued at $1.2 billion, they have continued their global expansion with strategic acquisitions including GateHouse Logistics, Ocean Insights, and ClearMetal. Headquartered in Chicago, project44 now has 800+ team members across the U.S. and around the globe.

project44 invested in conversational sales and marketing as a primary digital sales tool to drive more pipeline. Initially choosing an alternative solution, project44 struggled with Salesforce integrations, routing, and support. They needed a robust platform that would alert sales reps when a target account was on the site to engage in real-time conversations, with the ultimate north star of closing more revenue. 

Learn why project44 switched to Qualified and how they’re driving more conversations, pipeline, and revenue with personalized, intelligent website experiences.

project44 greets website visitors with a Qualified Chatbot

The Challenge

project44 has always known the importance of being digital-first and the power of their website. They wanted to bolster their tech stack with new innovation that would produce more pipeline for their sales team so they sought a conversational sales and marketing solution that would make their website work harder.

project44 initially started their program with an alternative solution, however, soon realized they needed dynamic routing capabilities and a dedicated partner to be successful. Although they had basic chat capabilities, sales reps had no visibility into who was actually on their website so they’d hastily greet all website visitors regardless of whether they fit their established buying criteria. Not only was this extremely distracting, it also created tension among sales reps. 

project44 needed custom routing rules that would leverage unique Salesforce data to either divert support requests to the customer success team or alert sales reps when an owned account was on the site to engage in real-time conversations. However, they did not have a dedicated partner to properly execute their vision, let alone optimize it. The tool soon became a burden for the team, presenting more challenges than solutions.

The Solution

project44 switched to Qualified to harness the power of the Xforce Platform, customizable features, and premier customer experience team.

project44 worked closely with their Qualified Solution Architect, Katie, to develop a strategy that would turn their website into a selling machine:

  • To sift through large volumes of website traffic and prioritize visitors, they defined visitor segments based on business criteria—like open Opportunities, target accounts, existing customers, global territories, and language.
  • To get the right website visitors to the right sales reps, they leveraged custom Salesforce data then implemented dynamic routing rules and alerts. Since Qualified is able to tailor routing rules by region, project44 routes US visitors based on territory while Europe is based on country. This ensures leads are directed to a sales rep who speaks the same language.
  • To scale their strategy, project44 also used chatbots to greet website visitors on high-intent pages around the clock.

The project44 team was blown away by Katie’s expertise and attentiveness. The service they received versus their previous vendor was night and day.

The Result

The team was pleasantly surprised by the amount of high-quality conversations taking place and the quality of companies reaching out to the team for follow-up. In a little less than one year, project44 generated $9.6M+ in pipeline and $1.3M+ in closed/won revenue; despite an average sales cycle of 9 months. Incredible!

Not only do website visitors receive an excellent customer experience, sales reps are much more strategic and effective in their day-to-day work. They’re genuinely excited to use Qualified. 

Key Learnings

For project44, the biggest learning has been account prioritization. Rather than pouncing on every person on the site, the SDR team could hone in on website visitors that matter most to the business. Not only was this a better use of time, it also resulted in better conversations that had a significant impact on pipeline generation.

Furthermore, they also came to recognize the value of a true partner. Without a dedicated customer success resource, the program would’ve stayed stagnant and they’d be back to where they started; the ultimate dealbreaker. But with Katie, it’s constantly updated and optimized to deliver the best possible results. Plus, the Qualified product team continues to build new features and functionality based on customer feedback; making a very complex program simple to use and execute.

So, what’s next for project44? With a narrow target market, project44 plans to expand their ABM strategy with Qualified and 6sense. This will help sales reps accelerate pipeline with high-intent target accounts, a key initiative that will ensure the massive amount of open pipeline is nurtured rather than letting it die on the vine. To learn more, read our blog post on how project44 generated $9.6M+ in pipeline after switching to Qualified.

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