Dremio Grew MQLs by 100% in 20 Days

Dremio recently implemented Qualified to double down on their strategic investment in account-based experiences. Learn more in our newest customer story. Since implementing Qualified, Dremio has experienced incredible internal productivity by accurately assessing who’s on site for what reason.

Anita Pandey, CMO of Dremio, joined Maura Rivera, CMO of Qualified, to talk all things strategy. Tune in to hear how Anita, the champion behind Qualified’s implementation, optimized Dremio’s account-based experiences with Qualified. ⬇️

How does Qualified power your experiences?

Anita: Qualified helps us segment our customers. In our case, we see data engineers and architects to facilitate engineering conversations, and we have conversations that are architectural and helpful. On the other hand, we can have executive-level conversations with decision-makers in line of business. This is our key use case with Qualified.

We also use Qualified to surround the account at the account-level. Qualified helps us practice true account based marketing by swarming the account between marketing, BDRs, and AEs and matching them to the people they should be talking to across the entire buying committee.

Has Qualified powered productivity internally?

Anita: Qualified has helped us from an inbound and outbound perspective in conjunction with our ABM strategy. We have a very targeted account list where our sales leaders are now putting their top-target accounts because they trust that the handoff will happen with the right people at the right time.

Anita—thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us! We can’t wait to see Dremio's continued success with Qualified. Want to learn more about their strategy with Qualified? Check out the Dremio case study.

Posted on
August 25, 2021
Emma Calderon

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