Say hello to Piper, your new AI SDR

On a mission to generate pipeline 24x7, Piper is the new SDR at the top of your leaderboard. Today, we unveiled Piper at our big launch event. Watch all the highlights from our event in under 7 minutes here.

Say hello to Piper, your new AI SDR
Kraig Swensrud
Kraig Swensrud
April 16, 2024
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Today I’m incredibly excited to introduce the world to Piper, your new AI SDR. Piper has all of the skills of your best SDR and is on a mission to generate pipeline around the clock, 24x7. Piper can work on her own, or in concert with your existing SDR team, to intelligently engage and convert your most valuable website visitors into pipeline. And the best part about Piper? She helps you grow your pipeline, without growing your payroll.

Piper works 24x7 to engage and convert valuable website visitors

How can CMOs use AI to hit their pipeline targets? 

There’s no doubt about it. It’s been an incredibly difficult time to be a CMO. Over the past 18 months, marketing budgets have been slashed, marketing teams have been downsized, and SDR teams have gotten smaller. But the one thing that hasn’t gotten smaller? Pipeline targets. In fact, in a survey of 500 CMOs, a whopping 88% reported they have fewer resources but bigger pipeline targets this fiscal year. Every CMO is staring up at a giant pipeline target wondering how they’re going to get into the green.

In parallel, it’s been an incredibly exciting time to be a CMO because of AI. The AI tsunami has opened up doors we never thought possible and every single day we are seeing exciting AI innovation. The recent emergence of AI workers and agents has proven that AI is so much more than flashy time-saving technology. AI will transform work as we know it.  

So the question is - how will these two things collide? How can CMOs leverage AI to hit their pipeline targets?

What does generating pipeline look like in a world where everything is automated and AI is doing all of the work? 

Qualified PipelineAI: Pipeline generation for the AI generation 

For us, the answer to that simple question is Qualified PipelineAI. An entire solution designed for pipeline generation, Qualified PipelineAI has five core products: AI Conversations, AI Chatbots, AI Meetings, AI Offers, and AI Signals, all underpinned by the incredibly powerful Qualified platform.

Qualified PipelineAI represents pipeline generation for the AI generation, and the star of the show? It’s Piper, your new AI SDR. 

Say Hello to Piper, your new AI SDR

Piper has all of the skills of an SDR, and is designed to:

  • Engage website visitors
  • Answer product questions with insane accuracy 
  • Identify and qualify leads and accounts
  • Gauge buying interests
  • Present marketing offers and content 
  • Generate real-time conversations with VIP buyers
  • Book meetings for your account executives 
  • Hand visitors off to sales reps, if the moment is right

And she does this all 24x7, around the clock. Piper can run autonomously, or will work seamlessly with your existing SDR team, helping you scale your pipeline generation. Customers have been using Piper and are seeing massive results! 5X engagement with target buyers, 2X increase in pipeline, and 50% less effort needed from SDRs.

In today’s product reveal event, we introduced Piper, showed her in action in a product demonstration, and even heard some of our incredible customers react to the news. You can watch the entire event here ⬇️

Hire Piper, your new AI SDR, today

You can hire Piper, your new AI SDR, today. Piper is included in all Qualified PipelineAI Enterprise plans, and available as an add-on for Qualified PipelineAI Growth and Qualified PipelineAI Premier plans. Ready to see what Piper can do for your team? You can chat with Piper on our site and schedule a meeting today. 

We cannot wait to see how you use Piper to hit your pipeline targets. ✨

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