The Qualified Winter ‘24 Release is Here

Here’s a roundup of the latest innovations, hot off the press from the Qualified Product team.

Crystal Reitmeir
Crystal Reitmeir
February 27, 2024
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Snow days and hot toddies abound! Winter is here and so is the Qualified Winter ‘24 Release. This quarter, we’re focused on bringing you features that help book more sales meetings, customize data visualization, and simplify workflows to save time and improve performance. We’re excited to share our latest and greatest offerings, built with you in mind. So let’s dive in!


Invite your best buyers to schedule meetings with your sales team in just a few clicks.

One-click meeting links simplify meeting booking for buyers and sellers alike.

One-Click Links for Qualified Meetings—Available Now!

Qualified Meetings offers simple, one-click scheduling links that allow buyers to instantly book time with your sales team. We offer two options, both of which are available now:

  • With Direct Links, your sales reps can easily copy and send a meeting booking link that offers direct access to their calendar or a group of specified calendars. This is a great feature for one-to-one outbound emails. 
  • With Routed Links, you can send a single link that automatically routes buyers to the appropriate sales rep calendar or group of calendars based on your unique routing rules. This works well for marketing emails with a large distribution list. 

Connect with your Qualified Success Architect to get started and read the help article to learn more.

Smart Form Lead Configuration

Qualified Meetings for Smart Forms give qualified buyers the option to immediately book a meeting after submitting a form. If using HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo we now offer the option to reference form fields without waiting for the respective Marketing Automation Platforms to create a lead. This option accelerates meeting routing after a form submission and avoids timeouts. Read the help article to learn more.


Turn valuable data into actionable insights that drive more pipeline.

Custom Overview & Rep Performance Dashboards gives you more control over your data visualization.

Custom Overview & Rep Performance Dashboards

Our out-of-the-box Overview and Rep Dashboards have been converted to the custom dashboard framework. This means you have much more control over your data configuration and can include components that make sense for your unique business. We also added new graph types, like stacked bar charts. This update is available to all customers. Read the help article to learn more.


Identify, engage, and convert your best buyers through custom website experiences.

Complete missing data on matched visitor records with pre-fill sources.

Pre-fill Blank Values for Visitor Fields

When a visitor arrives on your website, Qualified stores their information—like name, company, or location—using visitor fields. This information is then displayed for your reps when using the Qualified app or used to route visitors for an inbound chat. For scenarios where a visitor field is blank, there is now the option to "Keep the blank value" or "Use the next source." The latter option allows our pre-fill sources to complete the missing data on matched records. This simplifies set up, decreases required maintenance, and improves performance. Read the help article to learn more.

GDPR Deletion API

Qualified customers now have the option to delete visitor data based on GDPR requests using emails. This can be done by generating API keys in Qualified specifically for GDPR data deletion, instead of relying on a manual process. This will provide more automation and simplify workflows. Read the API docs to learn more.

That’s a wrap for Winter ‘24

That's all for now but you can always track our releases in real time here. We have more exciting features coming soon but if you have ideas for future releases, we want to hear from you! As always, feel free to chat with us live on the website or connect with your dedicated Qualified Success Architect at any time.

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