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Popular Help Articles

For Sales Reps
Sales Rep Setup Guide

Setup your Qualified Account: Add Personal Info, Connect Calendar, Meeting Details, Connect Salesforce, Edit Notifications, and more.

Getting Started
Getting Started with AI Conversations

Everything your SDRs need to have meaningful sales conversations that increase productivity and pipeline. This is next generation live chat.

Getting Started
Getting Started with Piper, your AI SDR

Meet Piper, your new AI SDR that can do it all: engage buyers, book meetings, and fuel pipeline 24x7.

Getting Started
Getting Started with AI Meetings

Empower your website visitors to book meetings instantly with Qualified Meetings. Optimize sales processes & accelerate pipeline generation.

Salesforce Integration

Master Salesforce integration with Qualified: connect, map data, configure campaigns, and maximize ROI effortlessly!

Signals in Salesforce
Signals Plays in Salesforce

Step-by-step implementation instructions for our top ten Signals Plays for Salesforce to enhance sales efficiency and streamline processes.