Using Qualified As A Sales Rep: Inbound Chat vs Pouncing

Using Qualified As A Sales Rep: Inbound Chat vs Pouncing


In this guide, learn about the two actions that sales reps take in Qualified Conversations: Inbound Chat and Pouncing.

It can feel daunting to know where to start as a sales rep in Qualified, so let us boil it down: there are two types of actions that reps take in Qualified, either inbound chatting (with the visitors that want to talk to you) and pouncing (outbound chatting to the visitors that you want to have conversations with).

Inbound Chat

Inbound chats are those visitors that want to chat with you. Perhaps they were pre-qualified by a chatbot experience or clicked a smart button, but they have a question and want to talk to a rep…NOW!

Think of inbound chat like a phone call. If you don’t pick up quickly, the visitor will assume no one is there and bounce. That’s a big bummer, since that could have been your next $1M deal. If you were calling a company, how long would you wait before hanging up? 3 rings? 5 rings? Research shows you only have 10 seconds before a lead loses interest.

If a visitor wants to chat with you, expect to receive alerts in the Qualified browser tab, in the desktop or mobile apps or in Slack or Microsoft Teams. If a visitor is waiting for an inbound chat response, it’s important for you to be there to respond right away! Don’t let them slip away.

Outbound Chat

When you log into Qualified, you’ll see a number of live stream columns, configured by your Qualified administrator. These are designed specifically for your business with the newest website visitors at the top of each live stream column and the most VIP visitors on the left-most column.

While you could pounce on any visitor, we highly recommend prioritizing certain visitors over others and being as specific and targeted as possible. This will allow you to have the most meaningful conversations and spend your time with the visitors most likely to convert. Expect to get ghosted or ignored quite a few times – but with custom and bespoke pounces, expect to get some great responses from buyers that could be your next customer!

For Qualified Admins reading this guide, you’re probably wondering: how do I ensure that a visitor is routed for inbound chat or for pouncing? When building experience, be sure to add Route for Pounce or Route for Inbound Chat steps to experiences.

Best practice is to start almost all experiences with a Route for Pounce step so that your reps can pounce on all visitors in a certain experience. Note that the Route for Pounce step can follow global routing rules or you can configure it to route visitors on a specific Experience to a specific group of users. When creating a Route for Inbound Chat step, you’ll see Qualified will add a number of steps and branching to allow visitors to book a meeting or receive a message if a rep isn’t able to immediately take that chat before the lead loses interest.

Want to learn more about inbound chat or pouncing? Check out our best practice guides for sales reps or chat with our team below! 👇

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