Matterport, the World's Leading Spatial Data Platform, Closes Deals 40% Faster with Qualified

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Matterport is the world's leading spatial data platform. They turn millions of buildings around the world into immersive digital environments. Matterport was founded in 2011 and is based in the heart of Silicon Valley. In 2021, they IPO’d on the NYSE and are currently valued at $4.92B.

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Matterport used Qualified X to segment large volumes of website traffic and engage with high-intent visitors, helping sales reps drive pipeline and crush their quota.

Matterport turns millions of buildings around the world into immersive digital environments. For example, if you take a virtual home tour on Redfin, that experience is powered by Matterport. They’re transforming the physical world—changing how homes are bought and sold, retail stores are planned out, or design and construction projects are completed. From startups to the world’s largest companies, thousands of businesses in 150+ countries use Matterport.

Matterport drives about 500,000 unique visitors to their site every month but struggled to focus their sales team on the right visitors. Rather than capturing pipeline, sales reps were distracted by time sensitive support requests. This was an inefficient use of their time and was an equally frustrating experience for customers.

Learn how they used Qualified X to segment website traffic, capture more qualified leads, and accelerate sales cycles by 40%. 

The Challenge

As a digital pioneer, Matterport understands the value of their website. They drive nearly 500,000 unique visitors there every month to browse products and explore resources. Knowing this hard-earned web traffic is invaluable, they explored a conversational solution that would help them turn these visitors into pipeline for their sales team. Matterport initially started their program with another vendor but the feeble Salesforce integration created too many manual processes and inhibited proper revenue tracking. Plus, they needed a solution that could support their global business with complex segmentation and routing. 

Rather than capturing pipeline, the sales team was overwhelmed by support requests. They became traffic cops—manually routing support inquiries that weren’t vetted but still required attention. This was an inefficient use of their time and was an equally frustrating experience for customers. They needed a way to segment website traffic so they could send support requests to agents or articles, send high-value prospects to the sales team, and disregard spam leads all together.

The Solution

Matterport sought an alternate platform with two main objectives: 1) accelerate sales cycles by making direct contact with high value target accounts, delivering a white glove experience as soon as they land on the site, and 2) a seamless and dynamic Salesforce solution that didn't need to be managed manually.

Matterport turned to Qualified. They partnered closely with their Qualified Success Architect, Sterling, to rollout their program in three phases, starting with the residential real estate vertical in EMEA. This allowed them to work through any kinks and ensure all leads were tracking properly:

  • Phase 1: introduced Qualified Chatbots to qualify visitors around the clock and pump leads into Salesforce
  • Phase 2: introduced the Qualified Meeting Booker to quickly schedule meetings with qualified leads
  • Phase 3: introduced Qualified X to segment website traffic and chat with visitors, instantly

After seeing significant success, they expanded Qualified to their global organization. This required Qualified to manage incredibly complex routing rules based on unique data like business segment, employee count, multi-language Experiences, and regional requirements. Confident that visitors were being routed to the correct sales rep, Matterport also adopted a "pounce strategy." Sales Development Reps (SDRs) would proactively greet website visitors with goals for pounce attempts, meetings offered, and meetings accepted. They even implemented a monthly Pouncemaster contest with cash prizes to further incentivize the team.

The Result

Since the start of their program, Matterport has seen deals generated through Qualified close 40% faster than any other channel. Plus, they saw a 25% increase in attributed revenue quarter-over-quarter. Not only is the company growing revenue exponentially, SDRs are exceeding their sales quotas. In fact, one SDR exceeded her quota by 300% with Qualified! 

Qualified has had such a significant business impact for Matterport that the security team even agreed to rollback a new “all or nothing” privacy policy and reclassified cookies so Qualified could be automatically served to all website visitors as needed.

Key Learnings

For Matterport, the biggest learning has been that their conversational program is a living beast. It's something that must be nurtured, enhanced, and improved to get the most effectiveness out of it; not only for website visitors but also for their sales teams. Furthermore, sales teams must also be properly trained on the tool to understand its value and increase adoption.

With Qualified Live View, the Matterport team is granted full visibility into the digital body language of their website visitors. They can see how visitors are engaging with content and which pages are the stickiest. This has been truly enlightening for their go-to-market team because now they can optimize the website for ease of use, improve content, and refine their website strategy. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Qualified can accelerate deal cycles and drive more pipeline for your business, feel free to chat with us anytime.

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