Introducing Qualified X

Introducing Qualified X

Today we’re excited to announce the next-generation of our flagship product offering with Qualified X. This marks our company’s tenth major release and a pivotal shift towards proactive selling. Qualified X is a completely new version of our product, designed to help modern B2B sales teams to easily identify their most important website visitors and proactively engage them in a conversation. 

Conversational sales and marketing has risen to become a dominant virtual sales engagement channel, but still to this day, so much of its potential remains untapped. Sales reps have only used their conversational platforms in a reactive manner, passively waiting for website visitors to initiate a live chat conversation, or to engage with a chatbot. This approach lets buyers slip through the cracks and leaves pipeline and revenue on the table.  

At Qualified, we love using a baseball analogy, which seems relevant as teams across the country just kicked off their season. In the world of sales, it’s all about “at-bats.” The more times you step up to the plate, the higher the likelihood you’ll knock it out of the park. The same goes with sales. The more times you can engage a buyer, the higher the likelihood you’ll generate sales opportunities. 

In today’s landscape, where close to nine in 10 decision makers believe virtual selling is the new normal, sellers must embrace this mentality and try and get as many at-bats as possible. Whether through email, phone, or live chat, success includes a combination of fielding inbound requests and proactively initiating conversations. So, it’s time for companies to change their game and take a more proactive approach to conversational sales and marketing. 

What if you could not only see every important visitor on your site, but also  group them into segments that matter to your business and proactively strike up personalized conversations with your most valuable accounts? Now you can. 

Say Hello to Qualified X. An entirely new platform designed to boost conversations between businesses and buyers.  

Qualified X gives organizations complete visibility into every visitor on their site and empowers them to proactively initiate conversations with their most valuable buyers. Qualified X ushers in a new era of sales outreach, right on the website. It maximizes sales rep performance through a number of new features, including: 

Some Qualified customers are already up and running on Qualified X, and the feedback has been awesome. Matterport, a 3D space planning software valued at 3 billion dollars, is using Qualified X to quickly connect their global sales team with enterprise buyers.

Robin Daniels, CMO at Matterport, has supercharged pipeline with Quailfied X

Sales engagement powerhouse Revenue.io has a new secret weapon for their sales reps: Qualified X. They're live on the platform and loving the new visibility and access to their VIP website visitors.

We’re incredibly excited to see all of our customers realize the magic of Qualified X. Our customer success team is standing by and ready to help you roll this out to your team and start maximizing those at-bats! ⚾

Posted on
April 13, 2021
Kraig Swensrud

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