Adding & Removing the Call Option

When building out your experience you might have noticed that you can give your visitors an option to call your reps directly.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to add the call feature to your experience as well as remove it.

The Call Feature

First, let’s start with understanding what the call feature is and how to use it. When qualified visitors are on your website, as defined by your qualification rules, the messenger gives them instant access to your sales team, not only via chat, but also via voice calls. The messenger allows them to initiate a voice call either directly over the Web, or it will optionally ring a phone number they enter manually.

Adding the Call Feature

The call option will appear only if a Qualify and Route node has been added to your Experience directly after your Custom Greeting. This is because you will only want visitors to call your team directly if the Experience they've been shown qualifies them automatically - for example, this could mean they are part of a Target Account or an open Opportunity. With this set up, visitors are only able to see the call option if they are qualified within your set rules as they are immediately qualified and routed to a rep upon selecting that option.

To get started, create your new experience and set a custom greeting as your first step in the experience as shown below.

Adding the greeting in the experience builder.

Once you’ve added your greeting you’ll want to then add your Qualify and Route for Conversation step into your experience directly after the Custom Greeting and any other steps in your experience.

When you add your Qualify and Route step, you’ll see the ‘Call’ option appear in your messenger greeting at the very top of your experience.

Qualify & Route step added to the experience.

Removing the Call Feature

To remove the call feature completely from showing up in the messenger, head into the messenger settings of the Qualified app and disable the "Allow visitors to call your reps" option as shown below. This will ensure that visitors cannot initiate phone calls with your reps no matter how your experiences are set up.

Removing the call option from the messenger.

Once this is turned off you’ll want to keep in mind that your reps can still ask your visitors if they’d like to talk via phone or their browser and initiate calls in this way. They’ll use the phone icon on the upper left hand corner of their chat with the visitor as shown below.

Phone icon in the console.


In many cases a live chat is a great way to start a conversation, but when the conversation get's going, chat often breaks down due to the delays when typing. As a result, many sales reps want to upgrade from a chat to a voice call instantly, without the hassle of asking for someone's phone number, or setting up a conference call, or going through the pain of starting an online meeting. You can turn this option on using the Qualify & Route step within your experience or simply turn it off for your visitors so they cannot initiate phone calls in the messenger.

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