Blocking Personal Email Addresses

When you create experiences in Qualified typically one of the first questions you’ll want to ask your visitors is for their email address. The email address of a visitor can tell you a lot about who the person is and where they are coming (especially when using Clearbit Enrichment to enrich your data).

In some cases, you will only want to collect business email addresses and exclude personal addresses such as,, etc. We’ll walk you through how to block these on an experience by experience basis below.

Getting Started

To get started, open up the experience that you’d like to edit or begin creating a new one.  If you’re already asking for their email address, open this node and you’ll see an option to block personal addresses which you’ll want to make sure to check.

If you’re just starting the experience, select to add a new step in your experience and select the option to ask the visitor for their email address. Once you do this, you’ll then see the option to block personal email addresses. 

Turning on personal email blocking.

Addresses We Block

Below is a list of personal email domains that we'll block when this option is turned on in your experience.

Default Domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Global Domains,, /* AOL */,,,,,,,, /* AOL */,,,,,,,,,, /* Yahoo */,, /* AOL */,  /* AOL */, /* Yahoo */,, ,

United States ISP Domains,,,,

British ISP domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Domains used in Asia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

French ISP Domains,,,,,,,,,

German ISP Domains,,,, /* T-Mobile */,,

Italian ISP Domains,,,,,,,,,,,

Russian ISP Domains,,,,

Belgian ISP Domains,,,,,

Argentinian ISP Domains,,,,,

Domains used in Mexico,,,,

Domains used in Canada,,,,,

Domains used in Brazil,,,,,,,,,,,,

What the Visitor Will See

When a visitor tries to enter in their personal email address they'll simply see a message asking them to input a business address before they can continue on, as shown below.

Visitor experience when inputting a person email.


Within the experience builder you can quickly block personal email addresses from coming in as leads on an experience by experience basis. Turning on this feature will block the personal email domains we've listed above and can be reversed at any time by clicking this option off in your experience builder.

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