Branching on Rep Availability

In this article, learn how to show different messaging to a visitor depending on if a sales rep is available for chat or not.

After this article, you’ll be able to:

1. Add a rep availability branch in experience builder.

2. Explain how this impacts Inbound Chat Routing.

Branching on Rep Availability

After a user created a “Route for Pounce” step in the experience builder, they now have the option to “Branch on rep availability” in the sidebar. By selecting this option, the experience builder will create a branch based on whether there is an available sales rep.

To guarantee rep availability when routing for inbound chat; if there is no available inbound-chat routed rep, this feature will route to an available pounce-routed rep. In other words, if inbound chat routing finds that no routed sales reps are available, available sales reps from pounce routing will be automatically included in the inbound chat routing as a backup. This helps guarantee that a sales rep will be available for inbound chat.

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