Creating a Meeting Booker Experience

Provide visitors with a direct link to your team member's calendar to book meetings directly.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build an Experience to immediately display the Qualified Meeting Booker on specific landing pages or from custom URLs.

A chat bot appears on the website, displays a welcome message, and offers available meeting times
Meeting Booker Experiences allow your team to provide visitors with instant access to the their calendars

Getting Started

Before creating your experience, it’s helpful to ensure the calendar settings for the Qualified User are complete and the desired meeting options are created.

There are many different options available for how to build a meeting booker experience depending on your needs. We recommend using a Manually-Triggered experience and will outline a common use-case below. We’ll then offer some alternatives to craft your meeting booker experience to best match your business needs.

Step 1: Structuring the Experience

Manually-Triggered Experiences are Experiences which occur when a certain link is selected or form is submitted. In this example, we’ll use a Manually-Triggered Experience to build a unique URL which allows visitors to book a meeting with a specific member of your team. 

In order to create these experiences, you’ll need to be an administrator in your Qualified account.

To start:

  1. Navigate to the Experiences section 
  2. Select the + sign under Manually-Triggered Experiences to create a new experience
  3. Name the Experience (Example: “Devin’s Meeting Booker”)
  4. Place a Custom Greeting step in the experience
  5. Place a Route for Inbound Chat step in the experience
  6. Place any additional alerts, such as a Slack or Microsoft Team’s alert
  7. Click into each of these steps and customize the Visitor and Alert texts
A greeting welcoming the visitor and asks "Looking to meet with Devin?" followed by a Qualify and Route step, a Slack alert, and an in-app alert.
Greet your visitor and then immediately route them to your meeting booker

Step 2: Routing the Meeting Booker

Once those actions are customized there’s a few settings we need to adjust:

  1. Select the Route for Inbound Chat step
  2. Check “I know who I want to Route to” 
  3. Click “Edit” and uncheck “Route to Salesforce owner”
  4. In the “Route to” section, select the User this meeting booker is for
  5. Ensure the “Book meetings with these users” checkbox is checked
Select the Qualify and Route step, the "I know who I want to rout to" button,  the adjacent edit option, disable the Route to Salesforce owner toggle, and select the rep you would like meetings booked with
Set your Routing Rules to book meetings only with the intended rep

Step 3: Branching the Meeting Booker

Now to ensure this Experience always leads directly to the User’s calendar. We’ll effectively be removing the “Rep available” side of the branch so all users head straight to the Meeting Booker:

  1. Delete the “Just a moment while we connect you…” message in the “Yes” branch on the right-side.
  2. Select the “Wait for rep to start the conversation” action and set the wait time to “At most 0 seconds”
  3. Reword the default message in the “No” branch on the left-side, asking your visitor to schedule a meeting
An image of the Qualified Experience builder where a "Just a moment while we connect you..." message is deleted, the wait time is set to 0 seconds, and the meeting booker text is reworded.
Adjust the branch so that all visitors follow a path straight to the meeting booker

Step 4: Building Your Unique URL

Once the experience is built, we can trigger it on any page of your website by using a specific URL parameter. For this, you’ll need three pieces of information:

  1. The URL of the page this will be displayed on. We use our University page - but this can be any page you’d like: For example: www.acmeexplosives.com
  2. Our special parameter: ?q_showExperience=
  3. The Experience ID. In the example below, we will use experience-1616518569689

To locate the Experience ID and build the URL:

  1. Head to the Experience builder.
  2. Select the your Manually Triggered meeting booker Experience.
  3. Highlight the Experience ID for your experience, labeled API NAME in the upper right hand corner. This will look similar to: experience-1616518569689
  4. Select the boxes on the right to copy that ID.
  5. Take the URL of the page you would like this meeting booker to display on: www.acmeexplosives.com
  6. Append the parameter above to the end of that URL: www.acmeexplosives.com?q_showExperience=
  7. Place the Experience ID at the end: www.acmeexplosives.com?q_showExperience=experience-1616518569689
The Experience ID is found in the upper right hand corner of your Manual Experience

Ta-da! When this URL you created is visited, we’ll automatically display the meeting booker experience. Use this to give clients easy access to your calendars.

Providing Additional Meeting Options

You may want to offer multiple lengths of time for visitors to choose from or other options which will determine what type of meeting occurs. This can be done with a custom question and branching logic. Below we will show how to provide a selection of different meeting lengths. This same process can be applied to allow the selection of different reps, teams, and more!

To build a Meeting Booker that allows a visitor to select a specific time-slot length:

  1. Place an “Ask a Question” action at the top of the “No” branch in your experience
  2. Select “Picklist”
  3. Enter your message
  4. Provide your options. We recommend listing a both reason and time length, as shown below
A question in the Qualified Experience builder asks how long of a meeting the visitor would like to book and provides three options.
Providing options can be a great way to improve the experience of connecting with your team.

Next, we’ll build the branching logic continuing the example above:

  1. Place a “Branch” action above your “Offer a Meeting” action
  2. Set the rules so that, if the visitor matches “Custom Question” “How long of a meeting” “is any of” “Quick Question (15 Minutes)”, they will go to the right side of that branch
  3. Select the “Offer a meeting” action below the Match side of that branch and ensure that Meeting Type matches the selection above. (see Calendar Meeting Types above to add more)
  4. Repeat these steps under the “No Match” branch, offering the corresponding Meeting Type based on the Visitors selection.
Multiple branches with the Qualified Experience builder which routes visitors to different meeting booker options depending on their previous selection.
Branches allow you the power to fully customize your visitor experience

In these examples, our “Ask a Question” action can often be before or after your Route for Inbound chat step without making a difference to the experience and logic. In some cases, such as selecting a meeting time, it may make a simpler experience to place it on the “Rep available? No” branch. In other cases, such as selecting which person or team to meet with, it will need to be placed above the Route for Inbound Chat step so that each branch can utilize its own Routing criteria.


A meeting booker is a great way to give your clients quick and easy access to your team calendars. Using a manual experience provides a single URL to access a calendar on any page of your website. Customize your meeting booker experience to give additional options to your visitors.

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