Configuring Live Streams

Live Streams within Qualified provide your sales reps visibility into VIP website visitors who are on the website in real time allowing for them to proactively engage with the prospects that mean the most to your business.

In this guide we’ll walk you through how to configure the Qualified Live Stream for your reps using custom Visitor Segmentation, Onsite Routing Rules, and Experiences.

Getting Started

We recommend a prerequisite before getting started with configuring live streams:

After getting familiar with this features, you’re ready to begin configuring your Live Streams for your team.

Please note only administrators in Qualified can create Live Streams. Your Live Streams  will be shown to all reps using Qualified and will show them only the visitors routed specifically to them.

Live Streams will be shown to your reps when they log in to Qualified and will be populated as visitors come to your website that are part of your live stream criteria and who are routed to your reps. For example you might have Live Streams bucket your visitors into groups for:

  • High Intent Visitors
  • Target Accounts
  • Known Customers
  • Known Leads

Live Stream criteria can be made up of both Visitor Segments and Visitor Experiences. We’ll walk you through both below.

Create a Live Stream

A Live stream can be made up of previously created Segments or Experiences.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Live Stream
  2. Select to create a new Live Stream on the upper right hand corner as shown below:
The Live Stream Section of the Account Settings with an arrow pointing to +New Stream
Selecting 'New Stream' within Qualified Live Streams feature.

Once you’ve selected to create a Live Stream you’ll want to select which Segments or Experiences should populate that stream. 

For example: A High Intent Live Stream might be made up of visitors in your Known Visitor Segment or who are receiving your Pricing Page Experience. Any website visitor who falls into these buckets will be added to the Live Stream for your reps to proactively engage with.

Three live stream examples: Tech industry, Internal employees, high intent visitors
Live Streams clearly labeled with dedicated colors.

As visitors fall into those segments and experiences, they’ll be added to this Stream for your sales reps to help them easily identify who is a high-intent visitor and should be engaged with proactively.

Finish creating your Live Streams:

  1. Select a color to represent this particular Live Stream
  2. Name each Live Stream so your sales reps will know who those visitors are
  3. Order your Live Streams from highest priority to lowest going left from right on your screen - this will be the order your sales reps also view them
  4. Select the Segments and Experiences that will make up the visitors in your Live Stream
  5. Save your stream in the upper right hand corner of your screen
Animation showing how live streams can be dragged and dropped to order from left to right
Drag and drop your Live Streams to put them in the order you want your sales reps to view them.

You’ll notice as you select segments for your Live Stream you cannot place a segment in multiple streams and will see the error below preventing this from happening.

"This segment belongs to high intent visitors" error message when attempting to add to a new stream
Selecting the Segments you'd like to appear in your Live Stream.

After Configuring Live Streams

After you’ve configured your Live Streams they’ll automatically be live for your sales team once saved. 

Your sales reps will only see a stream when visitors have landed on your site which fit the segment or experience criteria you’ve selected and those visitors have been routed to them. As an Administrator in Qualified you’ll be able to see all visitors and all live streams in Qualified.

The main Qualified view showing four live streams populated with visitors
View of all Live Streams with visitors in them on Qualified.

Within each live stream your sales reps will see an overview of each visitor in that stream including:

  1. Website activity & bot engagement
  2. Firmographic, ABM, and Marketing Automation data 
  3. Salesforce data
  4. Routing status
Visitor card displaying the visitor information and that they are active on the site
Visitor Card information showing in the Live Stream.

As visitors engage with Qualified your reps will see a preview of what they have selected or who is speaking with them so that they don’t proactively engage with someone already speaking with a rep or who is currently in an experience flow.

Visitor tile displaying an image of the rep engaged with the visitor and the last message sent
Visitor Card showing when a sales rep has already engaged in a conversation.

Once your reps are ready to engage they can click on the visitor card to see a live view of how the visitor is engaging the site and begin to start a conversation. We call a visitor’s behavior on the website their digital body language.

Deleting a Live Stream

If you no longer need a stream to appear in Qualified for your sales reps you can delete it at any time.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Live Streams
  2. Hover over the stream you’d like to delete and select the 3 dots on the right hand side of the steam
  3. Select to delete the stream as shown below
The three-dot menu in the upper right corner of a Live Stream tile displays the Delete option
Use the icon on the right hand side to delete your Live Stream.

Please note if you delete a live stream it’s possible that your reps will no longer see certain visitors that are on your site. Double check to make sure those visitors in that stream have been assigned to another stream for visibility.


Visitor Live Streams empower your team to quickly and easily know who is on your website and who they should be proactively engaging with. Use both Segments and Experiences to populate your Live Streams. Use colors and ordering to ensure your team knows who is most worth their time.

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