Introduction to Enterprise SSO for Qualified

At Qualified, customer trust and data security is a top priority. It’s our goal to help protect your business from vulnerabilities while also increasing productivity for your teams. That’s why we offer SSO (single sign on) through multiple Identity Providers (IdP)—including Okta, Azure, and OneLogin. Qualified’s Enterprise SSO helps your team access Qualified through a single entry point and gives IT complete control. 

Single sign-on (SSO) is a way of authentication that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software platforms.

With Qualified Enterprise SSO, you get:

  • Increased security with streamlined identity management for your employees
  • Centrally controlled access to Qualified to simplify workflows for IT teams
  • Effortless access to Qualified through a single point of entry—no more forgotten passwords

In this guide we’ll go over how to configure SSO for your Qualified account.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to set up a connection (or connector) for Qualified with your IDP (Identity Provider). Currently Qualified works with the following IDP’s but contact us to find out how we might work with yours if it’s not listed below:

  • Azure AD
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Okta
  • OneLogin

Many providers we work with have created help pages for enabling SAML with Qualified as well, if you run into any trouble.

Enable SSO in Qualified

Once you’ve configured your identity provider (IDP), a Qualified administrator in your account can enable SSO using the steps below. Don't see these settings? You'll want to contact our technical support team or your Qualified Success Architect.

  1. Login to Qualified and navigate to Settings > Single Sign-On
SSO in the navigation.

  1. Follow the steps outlined on the SSO page:
  • Select your Identity Provider. Don’t see yours? Contact our team.
  • Install Qualified within your Identity Provider. See specific instructions for OneLogin & Okta,
  • If using Azure AD or Active Directory Federation Services please contact our team and we can assist directly.
Qualified installed on IDP

  • Copy the Qualified Company ID provided on this page and paste it into your Identity Provider when prompted.
  • Enter the Metadata URL given to you by your Identity Provider into Qualified (see the red box below).
  • Verify the Configuration by pressing the “Verify Configuration” button provided on the page.
  • Finally, enable SSO. This will fire off an email to all existing Qualified users (shown below).

Steps outlined on SSO page within Qualified.

Once your SSO is verified you will see this screen appear to confirm that your configuration is correct.

SSO has been verified in green.

Once SSO is Enabled

As soon as you’ve set up SSO, the admin user of your Qualified account will need to add any new users to the Qualified Application tile within the IDP as well as create the user via Qualified (we do not do Just-In-Time or JIT user creation at this time).

If your admin user assigns the Qualified Tile to someone before they have invited them, and they click on the tile thinking they will log in, they won't and they will get an error.

For those people in your account who are using Qualified at the time that you enable SSO will continue to be signed in. As soon as they log out, they’ll be then asked to use their SSO going forward. They’ll also receive the email below, prompting them to link the two accounts. If they do not click the link within 72 hours, they'll no longer have access to Qualified.

Email to current users in Qualified.

Disconnecting SSO

If you'd like to disconnect SSO you can do so at any time by pressing the button to disable SSO on the same setup page as above. As soon as this is disconnected your teammates will all receive an email asking them to create a new password within Qualified to continue to use their email address to sign into the Qualified.com application.

Disabling SSO.


Implementing Enterprise SSO is easy and adds an extra level of security and increases your user productivity. Simply connect Qualified to your preferred IdP, then log in to Qualified to enable your account. Once enabled, you can begin inviting team members to the Qualified application tile within your IdP.

Next Steps

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