Connecting Clearbit to Qualified

In this article we’ll go over how to connect your Clearbit account to Qualified to gather more information about the unknown visitors on your website. Qualified works with both Clearbit Reveal as well as Clearbit Enrichment. Follow the steps below to get either Clearbit product connected to Qualified.

1) Access Your Clearbit Account

First, make sure that you have a Clearbit account with either Clearbit Enrichment or Clearbit Reveal.

2) Insert the API key

Next, open up your Qualified account and go into your ‘settings’ by selecting the cog icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen. Connect to your Clearbit account here by inserting the API key (which you can find in your Clearbit ‘Account Settings’) and toggle on and off the products you’d like to use as shown below.

Clearbit account connected to Qualified.

3) You're connected!

Congratulations! You’re all connected to your Clearbit account. You have one more step, to setup which Clearbit fields you’d like to see in the Qualified app layout.

4) Final Steps

As a final step to getting the most out of your Clearbit information, you’ll want to set up your Clearbit field layout.

Setting Up Your Clearbit Field Layout

1) Set Up Your Fields

First, set up the fields you’d like the reps that use Qualified to see when someone visits your website.  To do this, head on over to the second option that has just appeared under your Clearbit integration once you’ve connected to your Clearbit account, shown below called ‘field layout.’

Clearbit Field Layout.

The fields you select here will be visible to the users inside your Qualified app when identifying who is on the site as shown in the image below where we’re looking at the left hand side of the Qualified application to see who is on our site.

Adding Clearbit fields to your layout.


There are two steps you'll want to take when connecting your Clearbit account to Qualified: 1. Add your Clearbit API key to Qualified to connect your account and 2. Set up your field layout so that Qualified shows the fields that mean the most to you, to your reps using Qualified to engage with your visitors.

Next Steps

Learn how you can use Clearbit to pre-fill visitor fields and create custom experiences for your visitors based off their Clearbit information.

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