Connecting to Eloqua

Qualified offers a direct integration with Eloqua, empowering your sales team using data stored within your marketing automation platform to target your most important website visitors.

The Eloqua integration pulls Contact information into Qualified to help identify those visitors on your website and allows Qualified to create and update Eloqua Contacts. To set this up, we’ll want to first connect to your Eloqua instance and then tell Qualified which information from Eloqua you’d like to share and both pull into your Qualified visitor fields as well as map back to new Eloqua Contacts. Once the information from Eloqua has been pulled into Qualified you can use this information to alert your sales team to Eloqua Contacts on the site, update that information, and sync into Salesforce. 

Getting Started

Before connecting with Eloqua, ensure the user you're using for the connection has proper permissions. In order to be able to interact with your Eloqua data, your user account needs permission to:

  • Read and write to Contacts
  • Read Visitors and Contact Fields
  • Write to Forms and Form Data

The user will also be making calls against Eloqua’s API and must have Advanced Users - Marketing permissions granted in the security groups section of the user management area of Eloqua.

Some Eloqua instances enable contact-level security, which restricts access to data based on different user roles. Users might only have access to contacts located in their geographical region, for instance. Because these permissions affect what data the user can access, it is important that the Eloqua user connected to the integration has the appropriate permissions.

Establishing the Connection

To get started, we need to establish a connection to Eloqua:

  1. Log into Qualified
  2. Select the Gear icon to navigate to the Settings
  3. Select Connection under Eloqua
  4. Click Connect to Eloqua
"Connect to Eloqua" button
The Eloqua connection settings in Qualified

A pop up from Eloqua will then appear, requesting permission for Qualified and asking for your Eloqua login information. To finalize the connection:

  1. Select Login from within the pop up screen to login to Eloqua
  2. Enter your Eloqua Company Name . Please note that this must match exactly the Company Name as set up within your Eloqua org
  3. Enter your Email and Password used to log into your Eloqua account
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Select Sign In again to approve access for Qualified.com through your Eloqua user
  6. Click Accept on the screen confirming your login information
Additional window showing Eloqua requesting permission to connect with Qualified
The Eloqua login popup - Sign in here to connect your Eloqua account to Qualified
Once connected, you’ll see an Update Fields button on the Eloqua connection page. Press this whenever you add new fields in Eloqua which you would like to use within Qualified

Reading Eloqua Cookies

Every time a visitor lands on your website, Qualified will automatically look for a cookie to see if we know who the visitor is  based on the systems you use, such as Eloqua and Salesforce.

Eloqua on their end sets a number of tracking cookies that allow for you to track your Eloqua Contact and visitor behavior. When one of your Eloqua Contacts land on your website, Qualified will read this specific Eloqua cookie allowing visibility into who those visitors are in real time. 


The Eloqua integration allows for you to pull Contact information from Eloqua into Qualified. In this article, we provided an overview of how to connect to Eloqua.

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