Zoominfo Integration

ZoomInfo is a powerful database allowing businesses to identify important contacts and Target Accounts visiting their website. Qualified integrates with Zoominfo bringing in all of the power of ZoomInfo right into Qualified, alerting your team immediately to those contacts that mean the most to your business.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll want to first make sure you have access to ZoomInfo’s Enterprise or WebSights API as shown below.

At this time, you will need access to "Enterprise", "Websights, and "Websights API" in order to use the Qualified integration. If you do not have access to the Websights API, contact your Account Manager at Zoominfo to obtain access.

Enterprise API

The Enterprise API supports searching for and enriching company and contact records. 

WebSights API

The WebSights API identifies anonymous website traffic by resolving IP addresses to return company and ISP profiles and IP Geolocation details.

How It Works

Qualified's integration with ZoomInfo works in two different ways, depending on the ZoomInfo API that you've connected to. If you've connected to the Enterprise API this will allow Qualified to enrich your visitors data and offer up more personal information about the individual visitor on the site. For example, most likely you've set up a question step in your experience to ask for your visitors email address (if they are completely unknown to you via a marketing automation cookie or Salesforce). Once the visitor gives you their email address ZoomInfo using the Enterprise API will then enrich that email address and find any other information they know about that person based off the email address given.

If you're also connected to the WebSights API this will allow for ZoomInfo to quickly do a reverse IP search on the visitor to find out more information about the company they work for. This could be company name, headquarters, or website information.

Connect to ZoomInfo

In order for Qualified to access your ZoomInfo account you’ll want to first login to Qualified and navigate to the ZoomInfo integration page as shown below. You’ll get here by clicking on the gear icon in Qualified and locating “ZoomInfo” on the left hand side navigation.

Navigate to ZoomInfo connection.

Once you’re connected to ZoomInfo turn on the ZoomInfo product API you’d like to use within Qualified as shown below. This will allow Qualified to access your ZoomInfo API and start to pull information into Qualified to create experiences, alert your sales team to your top contacts on your website right away, and give your team the insights they need about a visitor to proactively engage with them.

Select your API product.

Field Layout

After you’ve connected to ZoomInfo, you’ll want to head over to your ZoomInfo Field Layout page where you’ll select which fields from ZoomInfo you’d like to show your team and in what order.

Field Layout Settings.

The fields you select here will show up in your sidebar when a rep clicks on a visitor. Drag and drop the fields to change their order or click the ‘+’ icon to add more fields from ZoomInfo.

In Qualified

Now that you're fully connected to ZoomInfo you'll be able to see your visitor information pull up on the right hand side panel as shown below.

ZoomInfo in the Visitor 360.


In this guide you learned how to integrate with ZoomInfo to take advantage of the expansive ZoomInfo database to quickly identify your key accounts and most important Contacts on your website.

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