Creating Experiences using Demandbase Fields

Once you have your Demandbase integration setup you can create specific experiences for your target accounts based on your Demandbase company information. We’ve listed these examples below that you can use to build out your own experiences.

  1. Alert your sales team of certain visitors on your site based off Demandbase fields such as revenue band.
  2. Give certain visitors from your ABM accounts VIP treatment experiences

When a visitor comes to your site, we’ll use the server-side API connection with Demandbase to look and see if the visitor information fits the filters you’ve put into place in your experiences. We’ll then follow your experience based on the filters you’ve put in place.

Getting Started by Setting Your Filters

The first step you’ll want to take is making sure to set the correct filters in your experience. This will then allow for you to target certain visitors based off the information about them provided by the Demandbase API.

You’ll do this by going and creating a new experience in Qualified and selecting the first option to create your filter.

For example, if you’d like to alert your sales team to a visitor being on the site within a certain revenue band you’ll want to add the filter as shown below to ensure only visitors within this certain band will alert your team.

Setting filter rules in your experience.

To add the filter select ‘Demandbase’ as your first option, the account watch attribute next, and finally, the watch attribute criteria you’d like to target.

Create Your Experience

Next, you’ll want to create your experience for your targeted visitors. 

If you’d like to alert your sales team right away, select the ‘alert’ step from your experience builder menu, as shown below. This should be your first step in your experience, so that your sales team can pounce quickly on the visitor as they enter your site.

Setting an alert step.

Keep in mind that you can add an alert step at any point in your experience, so if you’d rather wait until your visitors have interacted more with your experience or chatbot to alert your team you can do that as well.

Another experience option you might want to build out is giving certain visitors who fit your target accounts a VIP experience. Meaning, you can choose to immediately not only alert your sales team of their presence but also give those visitors a direct path to speak with your team and address them by name

To create this experience you’ll want to first create an alert for your sales or accounts team to let them know that someone from this list is now on your site.

As a next step you'll want to add a greeting to let them know that their account team is on the site to help.

Alert and greeting.

Finally, give your VIP accounts a direct line to your team by giving them the option to chat live.

Chat or meeting option.


Setting up your integration with Demandbase allows for you to utilize the information provided by the Demandbase API about your visitors. Once you have this information, build out experiences to better alert your sales team to the high value visitors on your site and give those visitors the VIP treatment.

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