Creating Experiences for Target Accounts

Once you have your Target Account lists created you can create specific experiences for these account lists that you’ve created. We’ve listed these examples below that you can use to build out your own Targeted List experience.

  1. Alert the Account Owner of an Open Opportunity on the Site
  2. Give Your ABM Accounts the VIP Treatment
  3. Upsell Existing Customers

How will we know if the visitor belongs to your lists? When a visitor comes to your site, we’ll use a few tools to decipher if they belong to one of your Targeted Accounts by figuring out what their company domain name is, we call this 'fuzzy matching'.  Fuzzy matching is a technique used in computer-assisted translation as a special case of record linkage. It works with matches that may be less than 100% perfect. Basically, we do our best to find the closest match.

Fuzzy match alert in the experinece builder.

Alert the Account Owner of an Open Opportunity on the Site

Use your Targeted List of open Opportunities here to alert your sales team and account owners of that Opportunity so that they can hop on and chat with the visitor immediately. 

  1. Create your Targeted List for Open Opportunities. You can narrow this down further by stage, close date, amount, etc.
Creating Open Opportunity List.

2. Once your list is created, make sure you’ve filled in all the correct domain name information if this field is left blank on any records.

Blank domain name field.

3. Save your list and wait for it to populate. Make sure your list is active by using the toggle on the left hand side of your screen.

Toggling your lists active.

4. Once your list is created and active you’ll want to hop over to your Experience builder to create a new Experience for the visitors that will match your list of Accounts or Opportunities that you’ve just created.

5. Begin by creating your Experience and select to have it trigger only for your Open Opportunity list that you’ve just created.

6. You can then set an alert as one of your first steps to alert your sales team or account owner of the open Opportunity visitor and follow it by a special made experience just for those visitors, including calling them out by name and giving them a direct line to your team.

Create step to alert sales.

Give your ABM Accounts the VIP Treatment

When a visitor lands on your site, we'll identify their company immediately and match that against your list of Target Accounts. We'll alert the sales team for immediate action as well.

  1. Create your Targeted List for ABM Accounts and narrow it down even more by ABM Tier such as Diamond, Gold, or Silver.
Creating Target Account list for Diamond Accounts.

  1. Set your Target Account list to active by using the toggle on the right hand side of your screen.
  2. From here, create a new Experience in your Experience Builder specifically for these ABM Accounts and make sure to select to Trigger this Experience to happen when anyone from your Target List hits the site.
  3. In the Experience, create an alert for your sales or accounts team to let them know that someone from this list is now on your site.
  4. Next, add a greeting to let them know that their account team is on the site to help.
Alert and greeting.
  1. Finally, give your ABM accounts a direct line to your team by giving them the option to chat live.
Chat or meeting option.

Existing Customer Upsell

If you're looking to target current customers for upsell, or even to offer them extra support you'll want to create a Target Account list for them as well, so that you can create unique Experiences for these visitors.

  1. To get started, create a Target Account list that includes your active current customers.

  1. After you've created your list make sure to save it and make it active on the right hand side of your screen using the toggle.
  2. Next, hop over to your Experience Builder and create a new Experience specifically for existing customers.
  3. First, start with greeting your customers by name. Since we already know who they are, Qualified will pull information from Salesforce about them such as name, company, etc.
  4. Next, you might want to give different customers different experiences. You can determine the health score of your customers based off a field in Salesforce and if they are healthy, off up your upsell opportunity.
Determining health of the customer.
  1. Offering Upsell opportunity.
New feature offered.

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