Creating New Users in Qualified

User seats in Qualified should be configured for people who will chatting with visitors such as your BDR's, SDR's, or AE's, booking meetings with visitors, and configuring experiences such as those people on your marketing team. Each Qualified contract denotes a set number of user seats.  If you're not sure how many you have in your contract, contact your Account Executive with Qualified, your Customer Success Manager, or our technical support team.

In this guide we'll walk you through creating new users within Qualified and setting their correct role.

Getting Started

To get started, you'll want to login as an Administrator and navigate to Settings > Organization >Teammates to create your new Qualified users. Send them their invite by entering their email address and pressing "Invite."

If you've already configured SSO in your Qualified account, you can also set to provision Qualified users via Okta or OneLogin.

Once you've sent the invite your new user will receive an email asking them to login to Qualified. Have your users follow the instructions in the email to login and set their password and set up their user profile. Users can access Qualified going forward using their credentials by logging in at qualified.com/sign-in

Setting User Roles

When you create new users you can also assign them a specific role within Qualified: Rep or Administrator.

To set a user role for a specific team member navigate to Settings > Organization > Teammates and use the drop down menu on the right hand side to select their role.

Setting the User Role within Qualified.

In most cases you will want to assign your sales team to the "Rep" role which will allow for them to: 

  • Update their profile information
  • View Live Streams
  • Chat with visitors
  • View the 'Overview' dashboard
  • View the 'Rep Performance' dashboard
  • Create Reports
  • View Team Reports
  • Connect to Salesforce
  • Connect to communication integrations such as Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Connect their Calendar
  • Create Shortcuts
  • View Team Shortcuts

If you give someone administrator access this will allow for them to:

  • Create/Edit/Delete Experiences
  • Create/Delete Users
  • Connect and setup all Integrations
  • Configure SSO
  • Create/Edit/View/Delete Reports including shared Team Reports
  • View all Dashboards


Administrators in Qualified can create new users at any time giving them their own roles including adding more administrators or reps. If you're unsure how many seats you have within your contract, contact your Qualified Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or our Technical Support team. Once users are created they can be deactivated at any time and can login using their credentials by logging in at qualified.com/sign-in

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