Creating Visitor Segments

Qualified Segments group your visitors into buckets according to your company’s pre-defined criteria. Use Segments to power Live Streams as well as Routing and enable your reps to easily engage with VIP visitors on your website.

In this guide, we’ll walk through which Segments you should create, how to create them within Qualified, and how to put Segments into action for your sales reps.

Getting Started

Segments ensure your most valuable visitors are displayed front and center. Before getting started, decide which segments of website visitors are important to you and your team and consider the amount of traffic you receive to your website.

Once a segment is created in Qualified, it will be displayed in a Live Stream and can be used in your Routing Rules.

A few important segments to think about are:

  • Visitors in your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • High-intent visitors (visitors on your legal or pricing pages)
  • Your existing customers
  • Paid advertising (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Open Opportunities
  • Any of your ABM target accounts in Salesforce

You might also want to segment visitors who your sales reps should disregard:

  • Internal employees
  • Visitors who fall outside your ICP
  • Competitors

Next, consider your website traffic. If you receive a lot of traffic to your site, you might wish to segment your visitors even further to cut out the noise for your sales team. Don’t get a lot of traffic? Keep your segments to a minimum and give your sales reps more visibility. 

Creating Segments

  1. Navigate to Settings > Segments
  2. Select the ‘+’ to create a new Segment
  3. Name the Segment

At this step, you can create the Segment based off visitor data that’s revealed when they arrive on the site, or as they interact with your Qualified Experiences such as:

  • Salesforce Field Information
  • Qualified Visitor Fields
  • Target Account Lists
  • Marketing Automation Fields (Pardot, Marketo, etc.)
  • Visitor Location
  • Data Enrichment Information
  • Other Segments you’ve created previously
Animation showing a visitor creating a new segment, setting to include all visitors in their Open Opportunity Target Account list
Creating an Open Opportunity Segment.

Using Segments in Qualified

Now that you’ve created your segments, you can leverage them for Routing Rules and Live Stream.

Qualified Live Streams

Add your Segments to your Live Streams so that your sales reps can easily identify the visitors that mean the most to your business. 

Four columns of visitors segmented by Target Account, Open Pipeline, Paid Ads, High Intent
Live Streams in Qualified.
  1. Navigate to Settings > Live Streams
  2. Find the Live Stream you’d like to edit or create a new one
  3. Click “Select Segment”
  4. Select the Segment you’ve just created to add it to the Live Stream
Multiple segments being selected for a live stream
Selecting Segments to add to the Live Stream.

Once you're finished you'll see the Live Stream appear with your Visitor Segment listed as shown below.

The Live Stream settings showing a created live stream and the segments and experiences it uses
Open Opportunity Live Stream created using the Visitor Segment.

Qualified Routing 

Segments can also be used within your routing rules to quickly get visitors to the right sales reps. Just like Blocks in the Experience Builder can be used to streamline steps across Experiences, you can think of Segments as blocks for your visitor groups!

  1. Navigate to Settings > Routing
  2. Create a new routing rule or edit an existing one
  3. Within your routing rule you’ll see your segments listed as a filter you can use within the rules.

The example below shows Western State Open Opportunity Routing Rules. Notice the first filter is looking for visitors within the western states and the next filter targets visitors within the Open Opportunity segment created earlier.

Creating a Routing Rule based off Segments.


Visitor Segments allow for you to quickly bucket the visitors on your website that mean the most to your business as well as cut down the noise of those visitors you might not wish to sell to. By using Segments with Qualified Live Streams you enable your sales team to proactively engage on your most high-intent buyers on the website quickly and in real time. Use Segments in your routing rules to get your visitors into the hands of your sales reps that are in their region or who know the most about the prospect for better more meaningful conversations.

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