Deactivating Users from Your Account

Deactivating users from your Qualified account should happen when the person leaves your company, or no longer needs to use their license. When you deactivate a user it will remove any connections that they might have set up within Qualified including their calendar or Salesforce as well as log them out of Qualified if they are logged in.

You'll want to note that only admins will have the ability to deactivate users from their Qualified accounts and once this step is completed a user cannot be reactivated.

Please note, if you're using Enterprise SSO for Qualified you'll need to deactivate users from within your identity provider.

Navigate to Teammates

Teammates option in the nav.

Once in the Teammates area of the app you'll see a list of all your active users. Use the three dots that you see to the right of each user to select and deactivate the person.

Deactivating a user.


Deactivating a user will disconnect them from everything within the application including disconnecting their calendar and Salesforce connection. To deactivate a user you must be an administrator in the account and deactivate them within the Teammates section of your Qualified.com account.

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